Ben & Jerry’s Loves the Gays.

Via Lindsey Block
on May 17, 2012
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Two new flavors to make your day a little gay-er.

“Equal rights and treatment for all people was a founding principle of Ben & Jerry’s when we started the company over 30 years ago,” says cofounder Jerry Greenfield.

Ben & Jerry’s has been going strong by sharing its support of gay marriage.It took the Chubby Hubby flavor and switched it to Hubby Hubby as an homage to legalizing gay marriage in Vermont, and partnered with Freedom to Marry for a month.
The brand wholeheartedly believes in gay marriage, and spends no time hesitating on if others disagree on the topic (and many still do, so the company is not afraid to go against the grain!). And because of B & J’s strong convictions, fans of Ben & Jerry’s are often die hard fans (and maybe more will marry in their stores like Keith & Andreas).
With gay marriage laws changing state by state, Ben & Jerry’s has been there along the way to celebrate each milestone.

“Say ‘I do’ to same sex marriage.”

“Social Justice is at the core of our values.”


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