If you can’t watch this video, I can’t blame you. But please share it.

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 17, 2012
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They still sore horses, don’t they?

Well, I no longer can find this funny:

The Humane Society of the United States is out with another damning undercover investigation, this one into the mistreatment of the famed Tennessee Walking Horses, show horses known for their unique four-beat “running walk.”

The investigation found many of the horses to be subjected to a cruel practice known as soring — the intentional infliction of pain to feet and legs to produce an exaggerated gait known as the “Big Lick.”

The video shows Jackie McConnell, one of the sport’s leading trainers, and his stable hands beating horses with wooden sticks and using electric cattle prods on them to make them lift their feet in the pronounced gait judges like to see. McConnell’s staff also apply caustic chemicals to the ankles of the horses and them wrap them with plastic wrap so the chemicals eat into the skin.

“That creates intense pain and then the ankles are wrapped with large metal chains so the horses flinch, or raise their feet even higher,” said the Humane Society’s Keith Dane…

Read the rest at What.

Via Youtube commenters:

“The USDA wasn’t funded to inspect so they made the Horse Organizations like TWHBEA self inspect. Something about the Fox guarding the hen comes to mind. Get congress to fully fund the USDA Animal Health and Plant Inspection Services to get this stopped NOW! We’ve told them for 40 years to stop and police themselves. They don’t.”

“Write your congressmen [or post this on their Wall]. Ask that they fully fund the USDA AHPUS enforcement of the 1970s law against this abuse.”


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12 Responses to “If you can’t watch this video, I can’t blame you. But please share it.”

  1. […] Hop Horse. {NSFW language, auto-playing video} Edit: The below is no longer funny. We’ve seen behind the curtain. The below video is however being left up to help spread awareness—but awareness will only happen […]

  2. lucinda says:

    I'm glad people are taking notice of this, there is a lot of cruel treatment of animals that goes unnoticed. In fact, there is a lot of cruelty to animals that is supported by the masses. So when you feel horrified by this, apply that same feeling to animals that are the meat you buy at the supermarket, or the pets you don't spay and nueter, or the leather handbag, shoes, etc. Yes be outraged. Change something small you do on a daily basis in protest. Be kind. Care. Be mindful of what you know is true in your heart – we are all part of the cruelty and the problem in our own little way. Let it stop in your sphere of influence.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    wanna just give me an overview so my day stays fairly decent 😉

    Lizzie B: Deliberate injury to horses' legs to force them to walk a certain way with high steps. Holy crap, what nutcase decided this was acceptable?

    Kimberly Perez CHeck out this awesome documentary (a little yin for your yang) on a real horse whisperer who treats horses with the utmost respect and kind heartedness even though he was raised to do the opposite. A fantastic movie that I have watched 3 times. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1753549/
    Buck (2011) http://www.imdb.com
    Directed by Cindy Meehl. With Buck Brannaman, Gary Myers, Bibb Frazier, Betty St…aley. An examination of the life of acclaimed 'horse whisperer' Buck Brannaman, who recovered from years of child abuse to become a well-known expert in the interactions between horses and people.

    Tabitha Farrar I worked as a trainer at Colorado Horse Rescue last year, I grew up riding horses in the UK and generally the horse world is a very kind place, but there are exceptions, race yards, rodeos and show rings are the most common offenders.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Jeanette Smith I'm crying with shame that any human can do this. How can I help? When we are placed at the top is it not our job to protect against unbelievable torture and unreasonable infliction of pain. That video will last forever in my mind. I'm still crying

    Kristin Jordan
    oh my god, oh my god… my heart hurts… i couldn't watch it. but it just made me 10x more bold about share our film The Ride Home's kickstarter campaign with you. on behalf of the horses and the The International Council of 13 Indigenous …Grandmothers, we'd more than love your help in spreading the word.. supporting the campaign and "liking" The Ride Home's FB page. thanks Way, for always sharing your insights. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1834620749/th

  5. Linda V Lewis says:

    Horrible! Those horses are so beautiful, their natural gate already so smooth–to torture to make them have a further exaggerated gate is beyond believe! Thank you for further exposing this cruel practice!

  6. Ashley Marie says:

    As much as I am against child abuse or abuse to any fellow neighbor, I am as equally against the cruelty to animals. This video is a perfect reason why I, as a past rider, turned my back to certain aspects of the commercialization of racing/showing horses. From our obligation of humanity, it should be our duty to recognize that ALL animals are ANIMALS just the SAME as we are. Acting in this manner is heresy to mankind in my eyes.

  7. ayguldiscovers says:

    Why, oh why should horses suffer for the sake of people's entertainment?

  8. Zorro says:

    If you really would like to know the hows and whys and meet some "Walker" people that fight for the horse and against these things, please visit the largest and fastest growing Walker page on Facebook. Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle Horses the Natural Way. Let us share with you the wonder of these animals and why they are the best breed of horses in the world!!!

  9. […] cousin (who is an avid horse enthusiast and actually owns a horse farm with her family) posted this video on Facebook today. Watch at your own risk, as it is very graphic. But I just wanted to share it […]

  10. […] discovered some pretty disturbing things about the latter, basically confirming my suspicions that the sport was often abusive to the animals (not to mention the […]

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