May 17, 2012

Nature Stone Yoga Presents Written in Stone. ~ Makaan Burt

Makaan Burt

After four decades of practicing yoga and umpteen solo wilderness retreats, Makaan Burt has finally created a new form of yoga that he is presenting in a full length DVD.

It was three years in the making. This presents a yoga form using smooth massage stones that is both new and therapeutic.

The first Youtube is a two minute preview of the longer instructional video called Core Strength for Aging Athletes and also includes a restorative hot stone short class as well as two talks. It features waterfalls, flutes and the voice of Boulder musician Ariana Saraha.

The second Youtube is a two minute  yoga vinyasa sequence on top of a rock knoll. It has a biographical narration.

Our Western World is wrapped up in electronic devices. We go from car to phone to video to computer. We don’t spend a lot of time just being grounded, letting ourselves sink into the natural state of awareness.

Bringing natural objects like stone into the yoga studios allows a kinesthetic connection to happen. Many  people spend enjoyable time looking at stones at the beach or along creeks or cliffs and so it reminds them of those experiences.

Fitness clubs call yoga with weights fusion yoga or yoga sculpt. Many advanced students come to Makaan’s classes  because they love using the stones for the weight bearing muscle building.

Makaan teaches regular classes in Boulder and Lafayette. He leads workshops in Hot Stone yoga, Yogalates and Posture for Back Pain all over the Metro area. He also has a Yoga Therapy and Massage practice.


Editor: Hayley Samuelson.


Makaan Burt RYT500,   CYT has originated a refreshing new form called Nature Stone Yoga. He has studied yoga for over 40 years, including  two trips to India. His primary teachers are Richard Freeman  and Mukunda Stiles: from whom he was certified in yoga therapy. He has completed 14 solo wilderness yoga retreats. In Boulder Colorado, Makaan offers ayurvedic massage, yoga privates and leads workshops in wisdom stone , hot stone, back care, knee care, anatomy study, spinal curvature  and postural yoga for pain.


Over a year ago in elphant e-mag there was a two part interview blog about Makaan.

Interview with Makaan by Matt Rosenberg, February 2011: Yoga Written in Stone: Re-writing the hearthstone experience, from Nature questing to teaching yoga.å

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Read 2 comments and reply

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