May 16, 2012

Now accepting applications for Girlfriend.

waylon sturman

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether you’re happy alone or miserable together, or vice versa…we’re all lonely.

As Lily Tomlin put it, “We’re all in this Alone, Together.”

What is the longing for love rooted in, if not a futile, insecure, confused quest for completion? Is this longing I feel, possibly in and of itself, as Pema Chodron says, the raw open wounded heart of basic human goodness? Is loneliness our only inheritance? Is she out there?

After a rough relationship a year or so back, I’ve kept mostly to myself. I’ve only gone out with…maybe six Ladies in three years, and none of those made it past a few months.

I’m tough to go out with. I’m picky. So are you, too, I hope. I’m outgoing, but inwardly focused on workaholicness to the point that folks make jokes about my being in a relationship with my laptop.

I’ve first-dated a fair amount, but rarely gone on second or third dates. I don’t want casual anything—it might sound fun, but what I really want is a friend. A match. A partner in my busy-ness, in my joy and in my sadness, in my dog hikes and morning meditation and lunches downtown.

And, a partner in spaciousness.


Now accepting applications for Girlfriend.

Must be:

1) politically- and environmentally-caring, devoted to the greater good yet appreciative of the vicissitudes of daily life.
2) beautiful yet not self-obsessed,
3) independent (not possessive) yet…
4) …loving (not shy in her love),
5) …have an inexplicably generous tolerance for my being focused on working all the time, ie I can be incredibly boring.
6) deeply empathetic, light-hearted yet grounded, sane.

My qualifications:
1) I’m caring, decent, devoted to kindness and service.
2) I’m fun, active, charming, funny, popular, and incredibly modest.
3) um…
4) …
5) …
6) …I have a sweet dog.



Relephant bonus: Eye of the Tiger Silliness with Robert Sturman.

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