Venus in Retrograde Until June 27th! {Video} ~ Divine Harmony

Via Big Happy Day
on May 31, 2012
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Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty represents what we desire and enjoy in life.  On May 14th, Venus entered retrograde in Gemini – which means there is a more introspective reflection and inward journey going on for most of us. It is a good time to let go and find closure and completion.  In this video Divine Harmony explains what it can mean for you and your life.


Divine Harmony is an astrologer, a writer, a depth psychology candidate and an activist for the Soul. She is dedicated to communicating with one’s higher Self by way of the celestial realms, intuition and inspiration. Just as the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm and vice versa- Divine Harmony believes that the stars and planets have connections to the people, places and things that inhabit planet earth, and there is a way to find the pattern of communication and connection by divining the stars. In addition, she writes inspired articles on spirituality, sacred Union, and the evolution of consciousness. She is available for astrology readings, workshops, and lectures, and is in the midst of writing a book on the Dark Feminine.


About Big Happy Day

Big Happy Day LLC was founded to create a venue that allows the many facets of yoga and spirituality to be accessible to the world through video. Big Happy Day creates online video campaigns and provides daily video coverage of events within the world of LOHAS, specifically with an emphasis on Yoga and Kirtan. The focus of the content, whatever it may be, spreads the message of yoga, health and awareness while using a conscious media model that connects likeminded companies with teachers, artists and charities within the community.


3 Responses to “Venus in Retrograde Until June 27th! {Video} ~ Divine Harmony”

  1. kpickles says:

    Nice to see you on elephant! Always feel completely connected with your divinations and interpretations of our relations. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Selina Ray says:

    Excellent insight from Divine Harmony! Thank you for bringing her light to Your fabulous HAPPY DAY and mine!

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