Why is it Courageous to Share the Truth of Our Lives? ~ Kara-Leah Grant {Video}

Via Kara-Leah Grant
on May 9, 2012
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Show up, as is.

If we don’t share with other people the truth of our experience, how can we expect them to respond to us truthfully?

I’ve been sharing my life experiences on line now for about six years.

Many people say to me how courageous I am to do so—to write about what I write about and to be so transparent about my life.

It doesn’t feel courageous, it feels necessary.

If we don’t share with other people the truth of our experience, how can we learn from each other’s experience?

There is such power in realizing that we’re not alone, that other people feel the same way we do, that not everyone has it together all of the time, and that feeling emotional is part of being human.

Two months ago, I finally did something I’d been feeling called to do for sometime now—make a video blog. This did feel scary. Sharing my words on the paper is one thing—there’s a level of separation. My words are not me, and I can edit and shape those words to control the message I put out there.

Making a video blog is another thing. It’s me—all of me, just as I am. It means opening myself up to be seen, knowing that in the seeing, I will also be judged as this or that. But it also means I can test my ability to take none of the reactions and responses personally—either the positive ones or the negative ones. It means I can practice holding my center, and noticing what is triggered within me as other people respond. In essence, this video blog has become a practice.

I’ve even made a commitment out of it.

Every week, no matter how I am feeling or what is going on for me, I’m showing up on video. I record straight into my YouTube channel, in one take, just seeing what arises. The idea is to simply be present, to not control the result, to not try and make something that would be something.

I’ve stuck to that commitment. Although I have hedged myself somewhat by not putting the videos out there too widely… I haven’t even posted them properly on The Yoga Lunchbox yet.

However, after watching Ben Ralston’s video yesterday, I knew it was time to go public (and what  better place than elephant journal?). As a writer, I want people to see who I am so they can judge me. I want you to know me, in the fullest expression. Otherwise, how can we connect? How can you connect to what I’m writing and what I’m sharing?

Where this will lead, I don’t know.

But it feels important.

To just show up, every week, and be present with whatever is, as it is.




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About Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah Grant is an internationally renowned retreat leader, yoga teacher and writer. Along with fellow Elephant Journal writer, Ben Ralston, she runs Heart of Tribe, pouring her love into growing a world-wide tribe of courageous, committed, and empowered individuals through leading retreats in New Zealand, Mexico and Sri Lanka. Kara-Leah is also the founder of New Zealand’s own awesome yoga website, The Yoga Lunchbox, and author of Forty Days of Yoga—Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice and The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga. A born & bred Kiwi who spent her twenties wandering the world and living large, Kara-Leah has spent time in Canada, the USA, France, England, Mexico, and a handful of other luscious locations. She now lives and travels internationally with her son, a ninja-in-training. You can find Kara-Leah on her website, or on Facebook.


15 Responses to “Why is it Courageous to Share the Truth of Our Lives? ~ Kara-Leah Grant {Video}”

  1. I like what you're doing here, Kara-Leah.

    Just posted to "Featured Today" on elephant yoga homepage, to elephant yoga on facebook,
    and @elephantyoga on Twitter.

    Bob W. Associate Publisher
    facebook, twitter, linkedIn
    Yoga Demystified, Gita in a Nutshell

  2. Hey Bob,

    Sweet – thanks for the support. Appreciated!


  3. Ben_Ralston says:

    Absolutely love it. Nothing more beautiful than someone being real.
    Glad you did away with all the control mechanisms – you certainly don't need cards!
    And anyone that watches this will feel their power and greatness being called forth.
    Much love from the other side of the Earth.

  4. lindamarija says:

    Kara, I LOVED this! In 4 minutes, you shared yourself in ways that take many of us years to share. I felt your presence, honesty, and vulnerability. Thank you. I really appreciated these words too: "There is such power in realizing that we’re not alone, that other people feel the same way we do, that not everyone has it together all of the time, and that feeling emotional is part of being human." Namaste…

  5. Ben,

    Thank you. And thank you too for the inspiration to finally put it out there.

    ps. Watched Ghosts in the Genes… fascinating, and has made me think about what the environment was like when I was pregnant with my son… and wonder what he may have picked up from my parents and grandparents. Fascinating science.

  6. Thank you… 🙂

  7. Samira says:

    Well Done Kara-Leigh.

  8. Bryonie says:

    thank you for your bravery/thank you for opening your heart/and thank you, most of all, for showing up

  9. Eric says:

    Thanks KL, good to see you here again!!! ~E.

    "Any memory is a dialogue between what our environment has implanted deep within us and what we want to reveal about ourselves to others. Telling our story creates a coherent feeling of selfhood, it reconciles the two parts of the divided ego….Forgetting the past is no solution, if we forget it, it will repeat itself. We can neither forget the past nor use it: the only solution is to submit to it and understand it." ~Boris Cyrulnik

  10. Thank you. I cried watching your video. It is so poignant and brave and such a call for everyone right now. This gave my heart some relief at knowing that what I feel called to do….to share myself and my life in all the ways that it is right now…is just simply OK.

  11. Hey Willow,

    And ain't it nice to know we are ok, just as we are? Relief indeed!


  12. Saleh says:

    Thank you for showing up. It brought tears to my eyes to see that a more honest and compassionate world is possible. People like you are the pioneers. I look forward to your videos.

  13. JJB says:

    hey Kara…. thank you for showing up …. it was great to see you here and i am looking forward to see you soon too.
    i can totally relate to what you are saying, showing and feeling …. the beingness of being REAL!
    love it!
    it brought tears to my own too….
    namaste JJB

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  15. Chris Plummer says:

    Hey Kara – are you still video blogging your weekly turn up accounts