20 Reasons Why Dogs are Awesome.

Via Robert Piper
on Jun 20, 2012
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What’s so great about dogs?

  1. They are always smiling.

  2. They are funny.

  3. Some of them like strangers.

  4. Some of them like to bark at strangers.

  5. They like to wag their tail.

  6. They like to sleep on beds when you’re not looking.

  7. Some of them like to break stuff.

  8. They like to eat things off the counter.

  9. Its hard to stay mad at them for very long.

  10. They like to bark at squirrels, birds, rabbits and other animals.

  11. Some of them like to sit shotgun in the car.

  12. Some of them sleep upside down.

  13. Some of them are very wild.

  14. Some of them are lazy.

  15. Some are very calm.

  16. Some are small.

  17. Some are very big.

  18. Sometimes they eat your shoes.

  19. Some of them are really good at catching Frisbees.

  20. No matter their shape, size, color, or temperament they can do no wrong.

What are other reasons why dogs are awesome?


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6 Responses to “20 Reasons Why Dogs are Awesome.”

  1. Louise Brooks says:

    21. You can snuggle with them!

  2. Robert_Piper says:

    22. They like to occupy most of the bed.

  3. No matter their shape, size, color, or temperament they can do no wrong.

  4. Chelsea says:

    23. They clean up your floor!

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  6. @kathbee says:

    They have sacrificed so much for humankind.

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