A bunch of random facts you probably didn’t know about Obamacare.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 28, 2012
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Mitt Romney:

“What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected President of the United States. And that is I will act to repeal Obamacare.”

What’s that? Romneycare?

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An Historic Day for Americans & our Health & our Pocketbooks.

“I have had some bitter disappointments as president, but the one that has troubled me most, in a personal way, has been the failure to defeat the organized opposition to a national compulsory health insurance program.” ~ President Harry S. Truman

The below pull-outs come from the NY Times, after the historic ruling today. Excerpts:

> Future health reforms will take 60 votes in the Senate and 5 on the bench.

> More than 15 million Americans are still uninsured

> A polite fiction long justified the idea of nine unelected justices overruling Congress and the states: They merely interpret the law. That fiction had been slipping badly ever since Bush v. Gore in 2000. A recent New York Times survey found that three-quarters of the public believed that politics was a frequent factor in court decisions.

> Very quietly, the Affordable Care Act introduced a revolutionary change: All poor people in America would get Medicaid.

> If they don’t come up with something stirring, the reform that survived the court could be lost in the election.

> Changes: new incentives for hospitals to deliver more efficient care, new incentives to nudge physicians into primary care, and powerful new rules to stop insurance companies from cherry-picking the people they cover.

> Barack Obama borrowed from Republicans like Senator John Chafee of Rhode Island the idea of mandating individual coverage to broaden the private insurance pool.


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14 Responses to “A bunch of random facts you probably didn’t know about Obamacare.”

  1. Linda V Lewis says:

    This is truly of benefit to Americans, just as PM Harper is doing everything in his power to undermine the benefits of what it is to be Canadian! Bravo Obama!

  2. Linda V Lewis says:

    Also of benefit to those in Colorado, Obama has released more federal funds to help the two most deadly and destructive wildfires–the High Park fire in N. Colorado, and Waldo Canyon fire near Colorado Springs. He is really using his presidency to represent the needs of all Americans.

  3. yogasamurai says:

    See today's Newsweek poll

    Only 24% of Americans think Obamacare will improve their lives.

    A slight majority 50-45 disapprove of the US Supreme Court's decision. Not surprising — In poll after poll before the decision, a strong majority wanted the mandate overturned.

    Administration really has its work cut out for it

    Justice Roberts – a sly, sly, sly conservative fox

  4. yogasamurai says:

    I think the real issue for people who are into alternative healthy lifestyles and mind-body treatments is not to get into a highly partisan battle over a very shitty bill.

    The real issue in America is that people don't care of themselves – they eat shit, don't exercise, do yoga or meditate, get stressed, get absurdly obese and go bat-shit crazy.

    And then when they get sick and contract diseases that could be prevented, they demand health care "entitlements" to "fix" their condition, to prolong their lives with expensive cures, and to stay on life support until time immemorial.

    It's really up to spiritual-minded people to transcend the GOP-Democrat divide — and to bear a more profound and powerful "witness" to the pathology of our high-intensity, disease ridden lifestyles.

  5. Chris says:

    People act as though there were never obesity in all of history or something. And as though every single American is obese and eats crappy and so on. Yet it is never proven.

    I doubt there is even 1% of Americans obese. For the most part they are a very small minority.

    As for this ObamaFarcecare. It is neither universal healthcare or insurance. It will also impose financial hardship on middle class Americans who will be forced to buy a product they can’t afford to use. And will mandate that millions of people who are currently uninsured must purchase insurance from private companies, or the IRS will collect up to 2% of their annual income in penalties.

    So how are some gonna pay for it? With Foodstamps?

    This isn’t healthcare it is is just another way to tax people and have more government control.

  6. tjw says:

    oh,it's not a tax… oh the supreme court says it is… or is it.. who knows,I am sooo confused!!! I do know ins premiums will skyrocket this bill did NOTHING to address the cost of healthcare. it's a sad day because now,they can tax you for anything someone thinks you should/shouldn't be doing so says the hiarchy of politics.

  7. LibertyLover says:

    In this famous passage from Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, the doctor explains why he refuses to practice medicine in a world in which his life and work are owned by the government:

    "I quit when medicine was placed under State control some years ago," said Dr. Hendricks. "Do you know what it takes to perform a brain operation? Do you know the kind of skill it demands, and the years of passionate, merciless, excruciating devotion that go to acquire that skill? That was what I could not place at the disposal of men whose sole qualification to rule me was their capacity to spout the fraudulent generalities that got them elected to the privilege of enforcing their wishes at the point of a gun. I would not let them dictate the purpose for which my years of study had been spent, or the conditions of my work, or my choice of patients, or the amount of my reward. I observed that in all the discussions that preceded the enslavement of medicine, men discussed everything – except the desires of the doctors. Men considered only the ‘welfare’ of the patients, with no thought for those who were to provide it. That a doctor should have any right, desire or choice in the matter, was regarded as irrelevant selfishness; his is not to choose, they said, but ‘to serve.’ That a man’s willing to work under compulsion is too dangerous a brute to entrust with a job in the stockyards – never occurred to those who proposed to help the sick by making life impossible for the healthy. I have often wondered at the smugness at which people assert their right to enslave me, to control my work, to force my will, to violate my conscience, to stifle my mind – yet what is it they expect to depend on, when they lie on an operating table under my hands? Their moral code has taught them to believe that it is safe to rely on the virtue of their victims. Well, that is the virtue I have withdrawn. Let them discover the kind of doctors that their system will now produce. Let them discover, in the operating rooms and hospital wards, that it is not safe to place their lives in the hands of a man they have throttled. It is not safe, if he is the sort of man who resents it – and still less safe, if he is the sort who doesn’t."

  8. yogi henry says:

    I don’t trust any huge segment of our economy that is government run and enforced by the IRS.
    The Supreme Court let this pass because it ruled this law is in reality
    just a huge tax increase called by a different name. 75% of the tax increase is estimated to be funded by taking more money from average Americans; and during a recession no less. Health care reform is a complicated issue for sure. Government takeover is not a solution however I would opt for. This makes me wonder; “what is the next big lie I’m supposed to believe from this government?

  9. So how long until I can print in steel and make new parts for my M1?

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  12. richardblank says:

    OBAMACARE enhances outsourcing. Enacted in July 2010, The U.S. healthcare reform (“ObamaCare” or the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) is intended to pressure large and small employers through force and taxation. The result will show companies deciding to send customer support, sales, lead generation and appointment setting jobs offshore or risk going out of business. U.S companies can take advantage of a dedicated bilingual employee who is 100% committed to their project. ESL nearshore employees in Costa Rica are just as or more effective than transitional in-house employees. In addition, giving the business the freedom to scale up their offshore staff without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge in 2014.