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Via Linda Lewis
on Jun 18, 2012
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Photo: Horia Varlan

Eventually the two will work hand in hand.

The Halifax-based bicycle touring company, Eastwind Cycling, organizes bike trips throughout the Maritimes and works on strengthening bicycle infrastructure throughout Nova Scotia, Canada.

And this is really needed.

Unlike Quebec, which has 4,000 kilometers of bicycle and multi-use trails, the idea for a “Blue Route” in Nova Scotia is just that—only an idea.

But on the municipal level, the Crosstown Connector project has been proposed by the Halifax Cycling Coalition and this proposal seems close to becoming a reality.

This Connector would be a North-South bike lane across the length of the peninsular city.

But there is resistance from some of the business community who feel it might be adversely affected by a reduction in parking spaces.

The 1950’s view that cars equal business is only slowly giving way to the reality that it is people who patronize businesses, not cars!

And when neighborhoods are made more attractive to people, businesses do better!


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  1. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Green, Work, Wellness & Enlightened.

  2. Linda V Lewis says:

    To make bike riders more visible (!) and bring attention to this ecological cause, there was a nude bike ride through Halifax this past Saturday, which definitely slowed traffic!