June 15, 2012

Dharma Doodle: Father’s Day—Father Karma.

Father’s Day is coming. Whether your father is on the earth plane or elsewhere—you’ve got father karma . . .


I’m the father of two sons and the son of two fathers.

I never knew my biological father—at least consciously. He and my mother split up when I was five-months-old—and I never saw him after that. But he was is an invisible presence in my life. As a child I had dreams of waiting . . .waiting . . .waiting . . . for my father to come and get me.

Sidney came into my life and married my mother when I was three.

It was a big deal. He adopted me. He is my dad. We’ve had a complex relationship. I officiated at his second wedding. He cut me out of his will. Drama . . .and healing.

Yes, the father karma runs deep.

It runs deep in all of us. In you, too. Your  relationship with your father(s)—whether present or absent, strong or weak, benevolent or malevolent, warm or cold . . .is deep.

Your father karma shapes the way you “father” your life.

The external father is not the source of your father karma. He (they) are reflections of the inner karmic patternings of your soul. This is fundamental to all yogic and meditative paths. Your karma is within—is—the patterning of your consciousness.

The events, people, and relationships that arise in your life aren’t the primary karma.

The primary karma is within consciousness. Thus, there is no blame. Not for “them” and not for “you.” There is only the invitation to meet that which arises with loving awareness, compassion, courage, and clarity.

Father karma set the limits on what you can create.
Your father karma determines how fully you:

  • Discern and follow the direction of your inner authority
  • Pursue your purpose with focus and consistency
  • Embody your values and live an inspired life

Father karma propels you down an emotionally programmed karmic path.

But, this karma trajectory is only fixed to the degree that your father karma remains un-resolved or un-healed. That’s what yoga sadhana can do. It can heal, resolve, and complete that which needs to be healed, resolved, and completed in consciousness. With that inner transformation, your world transforms.

It is possible to heal your father karma.

To do so liberates your soul from constrictive patterns—so you can live your true life—and create what matters most to you with more joy, courage and creativity. That’s my experience.

As I’ve healed my father karma, my capacity to “father” my life—to take authentic action and create what matters most has expanded.

What about you? What’s your experience of father karma?


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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