June 13, 2012

What little elephant journal would like for its 11th birthday.

By this merit may all attain true peace

may it defeat the enemy, confused thinking

from the stormy waves of being born, growing old, sickness and dying

from the ocean of suffering

May we free all beings.

~ Buddhist Dedication of Merit said before and after meals, meetings, and before and after anything worth doing…adapted.


elephant is 11 years old.

In that time we launched one of the few truly independent, eco-responsible national magazines, without any funding, with only you—grassroots enthusiasm.

Then, though profitable, with staff, offices, car, mortgage……our idiot founder killed the magazine despite a few offers to sell, and went online. Online, we can reach farther than ever—we’ve been voted best in the US on twitter  for #green, we’re connecting with 1.7 million readers/month, we’re honored to work with a growing team of inspired-by-love-of-mission editors and writers.

Our weakness? We’re dependent on external social media. If you want 10 of our best articles in 1 email, once a week, free-to-read articles, help us. We are you:


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Yours in the Vision of reaching beyond the core or choir to all those who didn’t know they gave a care about “the mindful life”—

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Just interviewed a sweet, fun, warm elderly gentleman with a laugh younger than a child’s. #walkthetalkshow

Congressman Polis attends Shambhala Day, or Losar—the Eastern New Year—in Boulder, Colorado.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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