Get into the Game: Yoga for Athletes & Runners. {Interview}

Via Donna Freeman
on Jun 12, 2012
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More and more athletes and runners are including yoga as a regular part of their training routine.

From greater flexiblity and faster recovery time to developing a strong core and honing your mental game, yoga serves athletes in numerous ways.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior playing ball with friends, training for a fun-run or marathon, looking for a fab way to cross-train or an avid athlete wanting to kick up your performance, you’re bound to benefit from my interview with experts Sage Rountree and Gwen Lawrence.

Click below to hear them discuss the whys and hows of enhancing your athletic performance with yoga.


Original Air Date: June 12, 2012

Sage Rountree is the author of The Runner’s Guide to Yoga. Connect with her on twitter @sagetree, Facebook and

Gwen Lawrence is a yoga consultant to the NY Giants, Knicks, Red Bulls and Rangers, and spokesperson for Gaiam TV. Connect with her on twitter @GwenLawrenceFacebook and

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Teacher, author and expert on yoga for kids and teens, Donna Freeman firmly believes that yoga can be done anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. She grew up in British Columbia, Canada but was introduced to yoga while living in Cape Town, South Africa during her nomad years. She is currently learning acroyoga with her kids and enjoys practicing tadasana while pumping gas or washing dishes. Bob Weisenberg describes her book Once Upon a Pose: A Guide to Yoga Adventure Stories for Children as indispensible. For more about yoga for kids and teens visit her website or the facebook page


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