Who Is Profiting from Testing Welfare Recipients?

Via Tracy Wisneski
on Jun 27, 2012
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$hit Rolls Downhill

For over a year now, I’ve been listening to cheers of passionate support for drug testing welfare recipients.

Among the arguments are:

1. If we have to get drug tested to work, then they should get drug tested to get our tax money! 

Unless you’re presenting a problem at work for drug use, I don’t think you should be drug tested either. Did the welfare recipients impose a drug test on you? No, they did not. Why don’t you take your anger out on the people who did?

2. If they have money to waste on drugs, then they don’t need our money for food!

First of all, the implication that a large number of welfare recipients are drug addicts is not only unfair, but also untrue.

Since Florida imposed this law last year, only 2.6 percent of the people failed and most of them tested positive for marijuana.

As for those who have true drug problems…why do you think they call them “problems”? Making them destitute will not help.

If addicted lab monkeys starve themselves to death because they prefer cocaine to food, do you think that welfare drug testing will heal them of their addictions? If it was rational, they wouldn’t be addicted.


What I find most disturbing is that most of the people who are cheering for welfare testing couldn’t care less if any of these people get better. They feel so beaten down by a grossly unfair system that they want to lash out and they want someone to blame, and the people who are actually responsible continue to point them in the direction of the poor.

The welfare system and the people on it are greatly misrepresented. In fact, many of the people who collect public assistance are the working poor. They work hard for little pay and even less respect, yet they don’t make a decent living wage. There are people getting rich off of them and off of most of us in the crooked game they’ve constructed. They deserve the blame, not the poor.

3. Drug testing welfare recipients will save money.

So far, Florida has a net loss of $45,780 and it is widely agreed that it will only get worse. Not only aren’t we saving money, but we are actually wasting money while leaving people needy.

Do you know who is profiting?


The drug screening companies who got this sweet deal at our expense because…well, because $hit rolls down hill.

Do you know how Governor Rick Scott whose executive order created this law has made his fortune? In the medical industry, including defrauding Medicare to the tune of $1.7 billion dollars while CEO of Columbia/HCA Healthcare! Of course, with enough money and power, his thievery was not only excused, but he was given a $9.9 million severance package, $300 million in stock and a five year consulting contract just before the settlement. And now he is the governor of Florida.

But that’s not the best part!

Gov. Rick Scott owns Solantic, a lucrative health care company that conducts drug testing!

Is this picture becoming a little clearer now?

Though he did divest himself of interest in the company in January, he transferred the controlling share to a trust in his wife’s name. Amazing that’s legal, but that’s why people like Rick Scott want to run government.

How do those pom poms feel now? Are they getting heavy yet?

The Saddest Cheerleader

Regardless of what your emotional reaction might be, the inescapable truth is that this additional war on the impoverished is not helping your wallet one tiny bit.

In fact, Gov Rick Scott used people’s anger to steal more money from tax payers while playing the hero.

I agree that there is far too much waste and I heartily agree that people benefit most from the pride of work and achievement, but further dehumanizing them and wasting money to do it isn’t helping anyone except the charlatans who steal from you while blaming it on the poor. And if you really want to improve your bottom line, then stop looking where these crooks are pointing and start looking at them!

I can understand why people are frustrated, but I cannot, will not ever understand how anyone can celebrate the likes of Rick Scott as he robs us of hard earned money and amasses more wealth than most hard working people will ever know while at the same time demonizing the underprivileged.

“What you do unto the least of my brethren, you do unto me…” ~ The Big JC  (Mathew 25:40)



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About Tracy Wisneski

Tracy Wisneski is a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend and a teacher. Though she’s worked most of her life, she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. She loves too deeply for her own good, but wouldn’t have it any other way. You can reach Tracy via email: [email protected]


5 Responses to “Who Is Profiting from Testing Welfare Recipients?”

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  2. Andréa Balt says:

    Great piece, Tracy. I wasn't aware of this issue (living in Europe), but I can see and appreciate the basis of your arguments, they all draw back to our human intrinsic value, which is universal. Thanks & keep writing. Though always delayed (by sheep in the road), I'm a loyal reader. XOXO

  3. Jerry says:

    Thank You, you are correct, great piece, Scott is a piece of shit and always has been along with many of our politicians today

  4. Stephanie says:

    People who are on drugs should not be getting welfare benefits. Maybe they lost money now but if they figure out how to make the testing cheaper, then they can certainly cut costs. How is it fair for people like me to go to school full time, raise two babies, and work full time while trying to keep afloat and because I WORK for a living at just a little above minimum wage I get LESS food stamps every month than when I was without a job? It is like rewarding people who are not working. For some it is not a choice but because they cannot get a job, but for many it is simply because they do not WANT to work. SOOOO how is it fair that because me, along with many others get jolted out of getting help because there are people out there who would rather buy drugs than food for themselves or their families!? I have a family of four to take care of and get $240.00 in help a month since I work full time. I effectively have to spend 350.00 more a month for groceries than what I receive of my own hard earned money. But without a job I got 560.00 a month!!!! this system is very flawed and unfair to those of us that are trying. If you get addicted to drugs that is no one's problem but their own. that is why there are free facilities to detox and get better. Maybe if those people go hungry awhile they will look for help. It would let the government help those of us who were not naive enough to become drug addicts raise real families with real needs that do not involve drugs. They need to ID people for their FS cards to avoid selling as much, drug test recepients, AND make people submit monthly logs with proof of jobb seeking advances.

  5. Tracy says:

    Stephanie, you are absolutely correct in your assessment of how very flawed the system is. I completely understand your frustration. However, someone who might say 'yes' when a neighbor offers them a puff of a joint after work isn't the cause of your hardships. Most importantly, the point I'm trying to make is that this program was created ONLY to further vilify the underprivileged while lining the pockets of a crook! Rick Scott should have already been in jail! Yet, he is playing these Pide Piper tunes while continuing to rob us blind! The record already shows that it is a very low minority of people on assistance who are abusing illegal drugs.
    This is not a solution; this is FRAUD – just like the fraud he committed with Medicare, and we're all still paying for it and allow this man to "represent us'? He clearly has never represented anyone, but himself and his cronies.
    Instead of jumping on his bandwagon, we all need to look carefully at his actions/intentions, spread truth when we learn it and VOTE better.
    Hoping for a breakthrough for you soon. What you're suffering is more than unfair; it is a crime and it is what I am railing about. Many blessings to you and yours.