June 19, 2012

Looking Up: A Tribute to Trees. ~ Colleen O’Neill

 Trees tell stories of beauty.

We gaze ahead waiting for the next round of the bend or scan peripherally to anticipate motion, yet never look up at the world which exists just above our tunnel vision.

Trees are one of the most fascinating aspects of nature. Their twisted shapes are amazing, textures so deeply ingrained and contours simply stunning. Their skin offers an enticing path for the eyes to follow, intertwining in exquisite design with each offering splendidly unique intricacies which no human could ever replicate.

Trees serve a crucial role in the survival of all organisms on Earth: breath, warmth and nourishment. Their knowledge of our land is timeless. They have towered over us for ages and witnessed major events of our history. Astoundingly, for a select few, their massive girth and extensive growth rings prove existence for thousands of years preceding. These ambassadors of nature remain anchored to their land sustaining life for those surrounding them while quietly observing as we execute our mistakes.

Whether blanketed in lush cloaks of vibrant green or stripped naked with only their bare bones remaining, trees reveal their beauty throughout all seasons.

The delicate green adornments of spring showcase their life sustaining powers. The lush radiance covers their bones and surrounds the forest in a sea of green as far as the eye can see. Following inevitably are the deep, rich hues of fall which mark the crucial transition of the seasons and offer a last display of stunning beauty before colder and darker days.

Winter symbolizes a different form of beauty that is pure and true because no vibrant green or rich autumnal hues are present to distract the eye and mind.

Trees in winter are as stunning as ever when they display their bare bones. They are at their most vulnerable and splendid in this state when one can see the forest without all of the overgrown clutter and distraction of superficial beauty. These skeletons of the forest endure while all else struggles and retreats around them. They remain strong and present and remind us that the cycle will perpetuate.

The next time you find yourself walking through the woods, look up. Not many people embrace this view high above our limited ground floor. A wondrous world awaits a simple tilt of the head as you see the sky through a beautifully complicated and tangled web of trees.



Colleen O’Neill is a writer, photographer and painter. She has a passion for backpacking and exploring National Parks. Colleen spends all of her free time outdoors and possesses a deep respect and appreciation for nature and wildlife. Find out more at www.colleenoneill.wordpress.com.


Editor: Seychelles Pitton

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