June 3, 2012

“So sexy!! Yum…gorgeous” Or, how it’s so cute when women objectify men all over Pinterest.

Objectification is Cute! (On Pinterest)

I will see him in my dreams…so hott!


the things i would do to this man!!

Don’t feel guilty. Anyone woman with even a little warmth in her veins would respond to this body.

Save a horse ride a cowboy!!


The above comments are just a few of the thousands, nay, hundreds upon thousands of sexytime, hot n’bothered comments on Pinterst (a site that, despite my profession, I’d managed to remain largely ignorant of until yesterday).

The above quotes, and images, are all from Pinterest. They’re shared here for a simple reason: elephant’s readership is 80% female. If we posted such images of women, with similar captions, it’d be world war three. But on Pinterest? It’s cute. Wholesome. Fun. Innocent, no big deal.

I’m in the no big deal camp—for other sex. Keep it happy, respectful, fun. Sex is a part of life, and a fun part at that as long as it’s above board.

But next time you want to accuse elephant of sexism or objectification? Spend five minutes on Pinterest, then get back to us.


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Read 13 comments and reply

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