Video: ABC News Reports on the Death at Diamond Mountain’s Meditation Retreat.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 9, 2012
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Buddhist Yoga Retreat Death Raises Questions on Ariz. Monk’s ‘Enlightenment’ Preaching.

Click here for link to video re Geshe Michael Roach and the tragedy at his retreat:

For more on the (literally) inside story, which elephant had the delicate honor to break via Matthew Remski and figures on “the other side,” click here.

Three comments (after watching the video) of note:

“Honestly, all feelings about the cultish nature of this retreat aside, I don’t see how it was Roach’s fault. If he offered them ways to get back to civilization, he did his part. They’re both adults and should be responsible for their own safety.”


“The leader kicked them out for being crazy, then when they left and went and did something crazy, the leader is being blamed for it.

I am not saying the leader is a good guy or a bad guy, but this case is like firing an employee for stealing, then when he leaves the company goes down the street and robs a bank, blaming the previous employer who fired him. This article is extremely slanted.”


Some argue that Michael Roach is the one that made them “crazy.”

Christie McNally was Michael Roach’s closest student for years — literally. He convinced her and all his students (including Ian Thorson) that she was an emanation of Vajrayogini, among other things.

Does the responsibility of the guru end when the guru finds his/her student’s actions objectionable and wants to break ties?


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2 Responses to “Video: ABC News Reports on the Death at Diamond Mountain’s Meditation Retreat.”

  1. Jerry says:

    Well the story is way more complex than that summary. Were they kicked out because she had evidence and a new desire to speak up about the Roach sexual perversions (group sex,forcing students to eat her vaginal secretions etc.)?

    Why isn't he up there with the remaining retreaters 24-7?

    Why did he allow students to give all there money to him thus breaking up families?

    Why are you not concerned about the safety of the remaining retreaters?

  2. Concerned says:

    Jerry, do you have concrete proof about the allegations you've listed above? If so I think you need to share beyond this post so the perpetrators can be brought to justice. If you don't have proof or first hand knowledge, I would be very careful to throw those kind of accusations around. As someone that has been sexually abused in the name of religion, I can attest that these matters are no joke and need to be dealt with without delay.