Chaining & Fighting Animals [does not equal] Macho.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 10, 2012
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Update: Here’s Calicoe’s contact, via his twitter account:

@TheReal_Calicoe. For booking (BOOKING ONLY) hit me at 248 692 3279… Contact by email, [email protected]

“Rapper young Calicoe now being investigated after dog fighting bragging video goes viral.

“Whether or not he’s actually fighting those animals, they are definitely NOT well taken care of. They need to be taken from him and given a chance to actually be loved.”

Note: the grass is gone where the dog is chained up. That dog stays on that chain too much.

“They champions in the making too, man.”

“Detroit rapper Young Calicoe’s statements boasting of his involvement in illegal cockfighting and dog fighting may have earned him the scrutiny of the Detroit Police Department. A video credited to Midnight TV Hood Reality is spreading quickly on the Internet and features the artist discussing involvement in both illegal forms of animal fighting. The “MTV Cribs”-style video opens with a man holding what appears to be an alligator, as Calicoe says, “We’ve got an (expletive) zoo over here,” and the videographer proceeds to follow Calicoe and others through the property’s backyard, a kennel area and garage. Detroit police on Monday became aware of the potentially incriminating statements made by Young Calicoe after the interview “went viral”” – M Live

Original video: “Detroit Rapper Calicoe Shows Off His Dog Fighting Operation.”

  • 2:05 “we got some more fighters over here, making that real money”
  • “future champions right here”
  • “anything that got to do with gambling, put some money up. we do it.”

“URL Battler Calico takes you on a trip through a dog fighting racket ring in Detroit. I have no part in this video. I’m just re-posting it so the world can see this monster and go after him. Calico will be battling at Summer Madness 2 in NYC on Aug 19th vs Lux. His twitter name is @TheReal_Calicoe please message him and tell him what a piece of shit he is.”


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