Color My World.

Via Tom Grasso (Gyandeva)
on Jul 20, 2012
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In my dream…


In my dream…

We danced to this song in the candlelight, your head nestled on my shoulder, our hands intertwined, our hearts matching rhythm as our minds drifted into the moment. The song itself is short, but in my dream it never ended; continuing into the ecstatic dance our souls have through the pleasures our bodies provide.

I awake…

Tears streaming down my face, my hand instinctively reaching for the spot where you should be, remembering that you are not there. You are here, in that place where my mind, my body, and my soul meet. You are singing in that sweet voice to me, looking into my eyes, healing…

You caress my face, and lean in to kiss me. Heaven, this Kingdom of God, is here in my midst, and I feel fortunate to see it as I kiss you in return. Ah, my soul so wants this moment!! In good time my love, in good time. These moments apart only serve to highlight the greatness that is our togetherness, the box only serves to highlight our freedom, the mind only serves the experience of the soul.

So here I sit, drawing a painting of love with the written word hoping you feel it too…knowing that I’d step out of a plane without a chute just to wrap my arms around you and fly through the air with love in, out and all around me. There is no beauty in safety here, the beauty is out there, daring us to embrace each other as we kiss the clouds and feel the wind in our beings.

I am inspired this morning. What a gift you give this happy soul.

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