July 3, 2012

Everything I Know in Life, I Learned from Rock Climbing. ~ Sean Ewers

Photo: Sean Ewers

10.  Never underestimate the importance of a good spotter/belayer.

In life you will fall. It always helps if there is someone there to catch you and help you back up.

9. Just because it is not the most popular crag, do not count it out.

Keep your life interesting. Take the road less traveled.

8. When it rains, you can’t climb outside.

Life needs rests, mentally and physically. Take the time to take care of yourself.

7. Younger climbers will come along. Pass on the stories.

Photo: Sean Ewers

Share your experiences with the world.

6. Do not give beta unless asked.

Sometimes people just don’t want to hear your opinion.  And that is okay.

5. Stay on the trails.

We are not the only inhabitants on this earth. Share kindly.

4. If you are awful at crimps, work on crimps. If you are scared of heights, climb higher.

You will never conquer your fears or weaknesses without hard work and tackling them head on.

3. Always keep a good climbing partner.

In life you need someone you can trust, you can laugh with, you can take adventures with. Keep them close.

2. Savor the send, then look for your next project.

Enjoy every particle of your achievements, but do not let them stop you from trying bigger and better things.

1. Climb because you love to.

Do what you do in life because you love it. Do what you do in life because you cannot live without it.

A fun, hip video to help beginners feel less intimidated to try climbing/bouldering:


Sean Ewers is a climber. A lover. An adventurer. And tells bad jokes.


Editor: Ryan Pinkard

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