July 12, 2012

Gluten Makes Me Fat, Constipated & Moody. ~ Skylor Powell

I just told you three facts about myself that I don’t normally share with strangers.

But you know what? You are a special case because I think you may be able to relate. I am not usually the type to point fingers, but when it comes to gluten, I lay the blame on thick.

I suppose that I shouldn’t blame gluten alone for “fat days,” for the three days in a row when I don’t go to the bathroom, or for when I get irritated at the dogs for standing near my feet in the kitchen, or at my computer when it takes to long to turn on.

I will say though, that gluten gives me inflammation and that contributes to these three obstacles that I face, along with a lot of people that I know. Let me tell you a little more about it.

Gluten makes me fat. My adipose tissue, or fat tissue, has two jobs. The first is to insulate my body so that I never get cold. The other is to protect my organs from toxins and poisons.

When I eat food that is not nutritious, like sugar, or that I am allergic to, like gluten or soy, my body will store the toxins in my fat tissue so that my heart, lungs and spleen don’t get punished for my poor food choices. The more toxic food I eat, the more important my fat tissue becomes because it has a lot of organ protection to do.

The problem isn’t just the toxins from the food. My body does not know how to deal with these foods, so my digestion slows. The result is that food stays in my digestive tract for too long and ferments. Fermentation leads to more toxins which leads to fat tissue contribution.

Now my body doesn’t want to burn my fat for energy because it is more important than other energy sources, like muscle. So now I’m stuck with extra weight until I stop eating toxic foods.

Gluten makes me constipated. When my digestive tract gets swollen because I eat foods that I am allergic or sensitive to, it swells over the little hair follicles that normally pass food through my digestive tract. If those little hairs are drowning in the swelling,  the traffic control isn’t there to keep food moving.

Now I am stuck with a bloated tummy, gassy belly and empty toilet.

Gluten makes me moody. I have a specific allotment of energy that I can use each day. Sometimes I choose to use that energy on running, writing articles, healing clients bellies, getting downward in my dog, or having conversations with friends. Other times, I don’t have a choice about where I use my energy because my body is expending all of it breaking down gluten and the starches that it binds.

Now my energy is focusing so strongly on my belly that when I try to do other things, I am too tired. I get easily frustrated and irritated because I can’t do the things that I want. Game over.

If you feel like you share some of these issues, there are lots of steps that you can take to see if gluten is giving you a belly ache. You can get a blood test to see if you have antibodies for gluten. You can ask your relatives if anyone else has Celiac’s Disease or a sensitivity, since one in 22 people suffering from a gluten allergy have a relative who is as well. You can also try an elimination diet.


My name is Skylor and I own Sprout Health, where I make personalized meal plans and design online cleanses. My goal is to make you awe-inspired by how great your body and mind feel. Let’s replace foods that rob you of energy with those that excite you. Let’s prioritize your health and happiness so that together, we can make our world a happier place for us all.

Skylor’s website is www.sprouthealthlifestyle.com. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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