Mitt Romney: “I don’t care what you tell your 8-year-old daughter.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 18, 2012
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Moderate Mitt?

Mitt Romney: “Some gays are actually having children born to them…It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact. Every child has a right to a mother and father.”

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Whatever our party or political view, the path of love and compassion is truly nonpartisan, and much more fun! ~ ed.

“No capacity for empathy.” Let’s hope she’s (even a teensy bit) wrong.

It gets better? Mitt gets worse.

If you care about equal rights for all, this is your election: compassion hangs in the balance.


Equal rights must in our generation be seen as they are: non-negotiable.

You know, as it says in the Declaration of Independence:

“The equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Julie Goodridge was a lead plaintiff in Goodridge v. Dept of Public Health — the lawsuit that brought same-sex marriage to Massachusetts. In this video, Goodridge shares her family’s encounters with Gov. Mitt Romney, including a meeting with Romney, which Goodridge describes as “the most frustrating experience in the entire marriage case.”




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14 Responses to “Mitt Romney: “I don’t care what you tell your 8-year-old daughter.””

  1. maryjane says:

    How do you feel empathy for someone who cannot feel empathy himself? Do psychopaths suffer? I really want to know.

  2. LibertyLover says:

    Why does this site continually promote the false left/right paradigm? No matter who's in office, does the foreign policy change? Economic policy? Social issues continually get brought up in national elections to distract from the major issues. It doesn't matter who's in office, the country is moving toward equal marriage rights because it's a social evolution. In my opinion, it should not be a presidential issue.

    How about a story on ACLU?

    Compassion hangs in the balance? Yeah, voting 3rd party is the only moral thing to do.

  3. jupitaur says:

    Social issues *are* major issues!

  4. yogasamurai says:

    "It's the economy, stupid."

    Let's repeat: "It's the economy stupid."

    Romney doesn't support gay marriage rights. Might I remind you that Obama didn't, either, until very recently. Romney has flip-flopped on civil unions in the past. Obama has flip-flopped also. Save your compassion for both parties – or better yet, don't play shallow party politics to begin with?

    My guess is Romney responded as judiciously as he could probably, given the circumstances. No politician wants to be forced into these encounters, and what I hear him having said – filtered through Ms. Righteous' carefully prepped Obama campaign line here, is: "You're her Mother, be her mother. That's your right. But I'm not her Daddy. I'm the fucking governor. Good day."

    Romney was under no obligation to acknowledge her "celebrity." Jesus, she sounds just like a yogini! "But I was in the papers." But my last blog was read by 10,000 people. But everyone loves me. Don't you know who I am?"

    Uh, no I don't actually.

    He's the governor, elected by an entire state, Democrats and Republicans alike. Nobody elected her dogcatcher.
    These encounters happen all the time. Love to see Obama give say, an Arizona rancher, who has to deal with illegal immigrants traipsing through his property every day, by the dozens, eating his stuff, breaking into his house, the time of day.

    Yeah, it would be a major blow-off. He'd probably try to lecture them if he got caught up in an encounter. Or maybe he'd just run. Actually Obama has still refused to visit the US Mexico border in Arizona, despite repeated requests to do so. There's probably not enough security to protect him (especially with all those guns he let loose to the drug cartels – crazy!).

    As for empathy, I would say that anyone who has a successful marriage and a large family that is doing well, apparently. and not just financially is doing something right. How many of you whiners out there can claim the same? How many of you have built a successful partnership with a man – or woman – and now oversee a large household with your husband. or wife. Any grandparents? Any takers — at all?

    By all accounts, Democrats and GOP alike, Romney is a very likable guy actually. True, he's not a left-winger or even especially liberal. Doesn't make him a psychopath. Not sure what it makes some of his hysterical critics, though.

  5. realtortracy says:

    Social issues most definitely ARE major issues and the president's appointments directly affect our laws.

  6. realtortracy says:

    Thank you for sharing and I agree that Romney would impede the path to full civil rights deserved by all.

  7. @roCkerChick says:

    You shouldn't call him evil but what kind of person pins a boy down cuts his hair and doesn't remember a thing? 50 years later other men who helped remember and feel awful for it. The ring leader can't remember? What kind of man has a friend put an open liquor in someone's car, dons a police uniform puts a police light on their car and pulls someone over? For jokes? To be a prankster? I'd say there is something not quite right there. The fact that he never owns up to doing anything wrong and blames others all the time says there something missing there. Listen to his speech when a tragedy happens, he sounds rehearsed and forced, even president Bush sounded like he had more feeling. There is something wrong with him.

  8. @roCkerChick says:

    There is nothing likeable about Romney he makes fun of the suffering of others and his empathy is rehearsed. Any person who can deny disabled people access to elevators but has no qualms with building one for his car has a real human empathy problem.

  9. Norm says:

    I don't care what she tells her 8-year old daughter either. I am more concerned about my liberties being eroded on a daily basis by politicians who are trying to social engineer the country. To me, that is not a legitimate role of government. Also, an instance relayed by one woman at one point in time does not make her an expert on the person she encountered. I agree with Tracy, you have to look at the person as a whole and their achievements and not just at one issue. To make a judgment based solely on this one person's opinion is pure nonsense.

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  11. Ben_Ralston says:

    She wasn't talking about 'her celebrity'. You watched through a lens. She was talking about the fact that even though her heartbreaking story got national coverage, Mitt couldn't care less about it.
    She was talking about having just given birth, and the fact that her daughter was ALONE, and she was ALONE, because the law doesn't recognize her partner as 'next of kin'.

  12. KO. says:

    How do civil rights for all erode other people's liberties? "Social engineer the country"? As a woman who grew up in the 60s and 70s I lived in an environment that was beginning to embrace differences. I certainly hope we are growing to a greater undstanding and acceptance of all people, rather than dismiss others because they live differently than I do.

    While this woman may have had an unfortunate experience with Mr. Romnney, if he were elected I would hope that he start to display more sensitivity to others. The office of President is for the people, not for the successful people.

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