Pulling Back the Curtain on the Feminine Divine.

Via Pranada Comtois
on Jul 20, 2012
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For the past 10 years the “sacred feminine,” “divine feminine,” “motherline” and other terms are being used more frequently in books and articles, but I’ve yet to hear clear descriptions of what exactly we’re talking about.

I look at Bhakti, the Way of the Feminine Divine, an ancient wisdom tradition for the insights I share.

Is the Feminine Divine a personification of Earth, a mother goddess representing fertility, or Sophia, the personification of wisdom? Is the Feminine Divine an umbrella term referring to goddesses in all traditions and cultures? Does the “Feminine Divine” and “Goddess” refer to the same thing? Is the Feminine Divine a metaphor? Does the term refer to a process? An energy? An identity? Is the Feminine Divine a female version of God?

In an ongoing series I examine the Feminine Divine. Today, in this video, I look at the nature and characteristics of the Feminine Divine. View a transcript of the talk here.

When you think of the Feminine Divine, What do you think about?

Do you have any questions about this videocast? I’d love to hear from you.

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About Pranada Comtois

Pranada Comtois spent two decades immersed as a contemplative-ascetic in an ashram, and the next twenty years raising a family and running two multi-million dollar businesses with the intention of embodying practical spirituality in the world. She brings the wisdom of multiple traditions and lessons from her own experience into her writing and inspirational speaking. Pranada is a spiritual activist who advocates for the Way of the Feminine Divine and the practice of unconditional love in daily life for personal and community transformation. Thousands of people have benefited by bringing heartfulness to their mindfulness. She blogs at Little Ways of Being™ and is passionate about empowering women to find their unique gifts, voices, and strengths and usher them into the world. Find her also on Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.


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