Spiritual Materialism Hero of the Day: Tony Robbins.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 22, 2012
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Inspirational Spiritual Con Man Tony Robbins dials in previously recorded Firewalk coaching, paramedics called to treat 30 burn victims.

Spritual Carpet Bagger (see comments for more context) says wanna buy some snake oil, it’ll make you think you’re happy?

Via Gawker and a “woman named Kate” who was in attendance:

“In the news it was talking about how twentysome people got hurt, and those are the people who were having the paramedics apply ointment to their feet,” she explained. “They were more seriously burned. But definitely over 20 people got hurt. [The event organizers] really minimized it, and it made me uncomfortable.”

Where was Tony Robbins during all of this? Before the firewalk, Kim said he related a story about a wannabe inspirational speaker who had tried to do a Tony Robbins-esque event in Hawaii. At the fraud’s firewalk — wouldn’t you know it — several people got badly burned…

But Kim couldn’t even find Robbins outside during the San Jose event, perhaps because there were 6,000 people in the area. She believes they used a recording of Robbins’ voice to congratulate those who completed the firewalk on a job well done.

“I didn’t see him at all,” she recalled. “He didn’t go through the fire first or anything.”

…”I watched one guy go across, and it looked like he was burning because he was flinging his feet around, and I saw coal coming up.”

…the crew member responded, “Oh, people got hurt?”

“They acted like it was a really minimal thing,” she said. “But there were multiple ambulances and a lot of paramedics treating people. There was a fire crew there treating people. They were acting like it was no big deal, but a ton of people got burned.”

Despite all of this, Kim maintains that Tony Robbins has a lot of great ideas…

“His seminars are really good,” Kim reflected. “I understand why he inspires a lot of people, but to be completely honest — you know that episode of Oprah where Tom Cruise is jumping on the couch? It’s almost like that. He kind of gives off that vibe.”

Read the full story at Gawker.

For more on Spiritual Materialism: “the ego’s quest to perfect oneself and avoid insecurity or fame through spiritual window shopping.”


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6 Responses to “Spiritual Materialism Hero of the Day: Tony Robbins.”

  1. __MikeG__ says:

    Wanna know why some of us how post here on EJ always fight the battle against magical thinking? This bullshit is exactly why. Some people claim that supernatural beliefs do no if little harm. I beg to differ. Magical thinking is the best example of the slippery slope argument that can be found. Magical thinking not only encourages gullible people to walk on coals it also encourages war and other atrocities.

    For the record, walking on coals without being burned is not mind over matter as some people incorrectly believe. A layer of moisture in the form of sweat on the bottom of the feet is what allows people to walk on coals without injury. Burns occur when the layer of moisture does not form or when then coals are so hot that the layer of moisture is overcome and can no longer protect the feet.

    See, magic and this mind over matter is not required.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Also, just read up on this, the coals have to be properly prepared with a layer of ash over them. And the people have to walk steadily, without kicking up the coals.

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  4. @Suri_k8 says:

    Ha ha ha! Exactly Mike!
    Wanna know what comes to the rescue when stuff like this happens….you guessed it…..science, in the form of doctors and medical technology.
    This is where we are supposed to laugh at all of those who question the existence of an objective reality….wait … LoL

    I was just reading about the science wars in Alex Rosenbergs latest book and here (http://www.thenation.com/article/160236/same-old-new-atheism-sam-harris?page=0,0#) and I find it really pathetic how these people are still trying to denigrate science even when it is counterproductive for society as a whole and specially when all of them enjoy the benefits of its applications ….hipocrites.

    The good news is that with the successful landing of Curiosity …Science gets to show once more that "There may be two cultures, but only one of them is free from illusions and qualified to tell us about reality"

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