July 22, 2012

We Are Lovers Still.

Imagine the rawness of it all

The time we shared, the sweet smell
Of love cascading through our minds.
Remember the rapture
The beauty we had to stop
But could never end…never end.
Feel the lightness of my touch
The instant the bumps rise
and the echoes of your moans 
Fill the space around us
I am silent, for I am there
Where you want me to be.
Mouth full, heart bearing down
You scream in holy ecstasy 
A prayer that sings a holy praise.
Forever entangled in this moment
The beads of our sweat mix
Becoming one full salty sea
As our sanded shorelines melt
And merge into one splendid Eden.
Whisper in my ear my Love
Ah, that voice that curls my toes
And makes my hands grab all sorts of things
Scratch me, mark me, make me yours
In the way that says we were here
Worshiping in this place we call home
A place that isn’t truly a place at all
But a description of all we live to be.
And all we ever were.
Finally the release I surely wanted to delay
The moment this Universe was created
The moment all time and space began
We walked together through the sand
Paused to watch the Sunrise
And called this place our Home.
I never want to leave this place
Can’t we stay here just another lifetime more?
We will surely meet again my Lover
When I call out your name and remember
This, our moment of Divinity
Against that, our moment of humanity.
Together we have journeyed beyond Earth’s surly bounds
And walked into a Lightness of Being no mind could dare create.
We are Love, We are Lovers still.

Editor: Brianna Bemel


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Read 7 comments and reply

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