With Love, We Try to Barter with God.

Via Jordan Epstein
on Jul 12, 2012
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If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself praying for strength and wisdom for the sake of supporting Earth and man—your family, your brothers and sisters.

Lord, I only wish to serve You, to do Thy will. Lead me to boldly and skillfully carry out your work, as expressed through my best qualities, the ones I like most to do. Allow me to serve my brothers with an increasing measure of Your love.

I know Lord, that the only way to serve with anywhere approaching Your compassion is to let go of the desires that only serve my limited self—the ones that confine me, the ones that don’t have to do with a greater giving.

I know that by staying focused on giving, the giver is fulfilled.

So why do I always ask for just one thing in return? It’s as if I’m saying:

 Lord, I’ll do all that you ask of me, I only pray you give me just this one thing to love as if it were my own.

If I’m thinking about my very best qualities and not just being, I’ll consider myself a selfless, giving person. Many of us think of ourselves this way, yet we still find ourselves in this bartering position from time to time, whether we’re asking for money, a good woman or a job.

Don’t we realize how limited we are by this demand? When we love everything as it is Thy own, the world is ours.

When we love our deepest most giving self—we become that thing we asked God to care for as if it were our own.

What we end up continually discovering is that our giving self also guides us to other things to love in a non-attached way. We find ourselves free to find the things we wanted all along.

And we find that our belief structure about what it will take to make us happy only limits our ability to be happy.

In the moments that I find myself self-limiting, asking for something in return for following God’s will, I practice self-love. By loving myself, I’m able to find the reward I desired all along, which is the freedom I need to continue to serve—only smelling the fragrance of the flowers I give away.

Isn’t it funny that with love, we try to barter with God?

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About Jordan Epstein

Jordan is a lifelong learner, Entrepreneur, MC, life coach and business consultant. He works with clients seeking to unleash and become their greatest purpose, weaving themes from yoga, psychology, performance art, science and startup entrepreneurship.

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4 Responses to “With Love, We Try to Barter with God.”

  1. yogasamurai says:

    Keep up the Christian Fighting Spirit, Jordan! The second of the two Great Commandments is "Love Thy Neighbor – As Thyself." Not instead of yourself, not more than yourself, not "first."
    As THYSELF. Often missed!
    Personally, I think you can – and should – ask your God or Divine presence for whatever you think you want – just let it manifest in the best way possible, and embrace it when it does. It will rarely look like what you thought you wanted!
    In this sense I do "co-create" — but not in the way that so many people insist, on their own terms. It's not through an expression of my own power and will that I receive Grace.
    I'm not even sure "Intention" – a much used and abused concept these days – has anything to do with it.
    "Life is what happens when you are busy doing something else." John Lennon
    "90% of life is just showing up." Woody Allen
    Thanks Brother!
    – YS

  2. jhepstein says:

    Totally on the "AS not INSTEAD OF". I did that wrong for so many years!

    Thanks for your support YS! I appreciate that you read what I write, it's a bit scary, you know, so it's good that people actually read it. hehe.

    There's the will of the heart, and that basically will happen anyway, so long as you're staying open to it. You don't even really need to ask, that's just your dharma, or duty. That's who you are. Just becoming who you are, you'll encounter what you do.

    Was talking to a friend Abi last night, and she said about herself "I don't even know yet how amazing I am".

  3. yogasamurai says:

    I hope you keep writing, Jordan – on whatever! Other people here at EJ might not appreciate your "theological" language – even if the issues you raise are spiritually universal? You may have to decide whether to adapt your presentation to the reigning "discourses" and their own theological assumptions and "reference points.

    Peace, man YS

  4. Eric says:

    YS~ as to your first comment: there's nothing in the article referencing "christ" or "christian" (???).
    even so, there have been plenty of articles which included god or christ on ej. no need to denigrate the readership here, no need to tell jordan (or anyone else) they may have to adapt their presentation of their articles.