July 3, 2012

You Are Not A Heart-Based Person—You’re So F*cking Money & You Don’t Even Know It! ~ Alexander Dunlop

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In spiritual woo-woo circles, everyone likes to say that they are a heart-based person—it’s the guiding light of new-agey spirituality.

How often do we hear the clichés get in touch with your heart or follow your heart? 

It’s becoming somewhat of a dogmatic mantra that gets repeated, without anyone actually thinking about what it means. And, yes, in our culture that is so mentally dominated, advice about getting in touch with our feelings is a good generalization…it usually applies to most people.

This advice, however, does not apply to me. I’m all heart.

In fact, I feel everything to about the maximum it can be felt—no offense to your feelings—I just feel things extremely deeply.

How do I know this?

My birth card is the nine of hearts, which means I feel things to the nines. It’s why we have expressions in our vocabulary about doing things to the nines or getting dressed up to the nines.

My heart goes to the nines, unlike in Spinal Tap where their sound system goes to 11, my heart simply feels things to the nines. Which is a lot. Which is as much as it can be felt.

Ok, so what am I talking about?

The so-called “ordinary” deck of playing cards is actually an ancient book of wisdom, based on mathematics. There are 52 cards in the deck, just like there are 52 weeks in the year. If you add up all the numbers of the cards together (kings are worth 13, queens 12, jacks 11 and aces are 1) then you get the four suits multiplied by (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13) = 364.

All of the cards of all four suits add up to 364—there are 365 1/4 days each year. The Joker is the anomaly that makes up the remainder—he is worth 1 1/4 or himself plus all 4 suits.

So, depending on your date of birth, you are born with one of the 52 cards as your primary card to play for this lifetime, based purely on numbers.

You also have thirteen cards in your life path. Hence the expression to play the cards you’ve been dealt. And obviously, not everyone is born as a heart-based card.

In fact, statistically, at least ¾ of the population are not heart-based people—why these same people are trying to be heart-based is just another example of people not knowing who they really are. These spiritual seekers are trying to pretend to be something that they’re not and feeling stuck and frustrated as a result.

Most of us have given up the dogmas of old-time religions but now, we’re stuck with new kinds of dogma like be a heart-centered person. Ok. And what if you are not a heart-centered person? What if your birth card is a Diamond, a Club or a Spade?

I see it over and over again in my private practice; people who think of themselves as spiritual people want so badly to be heart-based. It’s tragic, really. Because of course we all have feelings—and they feel badly that they can’t quite seem to be as heart-based as the new-agey books they read tell them to be.

I’ve counseled several people whose birth cards are cards that indicate they are here in this lifetime to create wealth—it’s literally in their cards to make money— but they don’t like that idea…they would rather be heart-centered people.

And when they finally open up, they tell me, “Yes, secretly since I was little, all I wanted to do was start a business or get rich,” yet what they learn from spiritual parents or spiritual people is that making money is bad. And so they give up on their own dreams and judge themselves negatively because of it.

They then come to me and tell me that they’re stuck in their life—that they don’t know what to do. No wonder! What they really wanted to do has been taken away from them and the push towards being heart-centered is on.

They want money but are told that it’s bad and not spiritual. In fact, nothing is more spiritual than anything else.

Money is just as spiritual as love.

There are four primary aspects of life—love is just one of those. Money is just one of those. And no aspect is more important than any other. (The other two are the mind and doing.)

If you want to play your cards right, then it would be a good idea to first find out what your cards are. While you’re trying to be all heart-based and s h*t…acting like a p*ssy and calling yourself spiritual, you might actually be so f*cking money and you don’t even know it!



Alexander Dunlop is a Life Priest. From an ordinary deck of playing cards, he can show you your true purpose, your gifts, your challenges, your keys to financial abundance, your greatest lesson to learn, your relationship patterns, your shadow side, your lifetime reward and much more.

Alexander is the founder of the Center for Spiritual Nutrition. He created this Center to offer real nourishment for the life journey we are all on. He has worked as an Evangelical Protestant minister and been trained as a Roman Catholic priest. He is initiated as a swami and is practicing shamanic healing in the Lakota tradition. He is a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street Consultant.



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