An Invitation to The Oasis at the DNC & RNC. ~ Seane Corn

Via Off the Mat Into the World
on Aug 21, 2012
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Four years ago Off the Mat, Into the World (OTM) and Arianna Huffington partnered to create The Huffington Oasis, a unique, alternative space providing yoga, meditation, spa services, and organic food at the DNC.

The Oasis was designed to provide the politicians, media, etc. a refuge where, instead of grabbing a Red Bull and burger between sessions, they could come to reconnect to their bodies, minds and intentions in an environment providing sustainable methods for grounding, health and healing in an otherwise supercharged environment.

This project was an experiment. Yoga at the DNC? We didn’t know if anyone would even come.

OTM reached out to the yoga community to be a part of this historic event and invited them to volunteer their time and talents to The Oasis and share their skills with the powerful people who, everyday, make decisions on our behalf. It was a huge success. We had volunteers from all over the country and each day The Oasis was busy with people so grateful to learn new tools and have a respite from the intensity of the DNC.

We knew we would want to do this again, but this time we wanted to offer The Oasis at the RNC as well. Everyone, regardless of political convictions, deserves the gifts that yoga and other healing modalities can provide. It was very important to us that these offerings make it to both sides of the aisle.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Arianna again, at both the RNC in Tampa on August 27-30 and at the DNC in Charlotte, NC September 3-6. The reach of these events will be significant, with 16,000 delegates and countless media gathering at both venues. This is not about bringing politics into yoga, but bringing yoga into the political arena.

I believe deeply in the impact it could have.

So once again, I’d like to invite you to join me and be a part of bringing yoga into the mainstream and to the people who influence our nation.

If you are a meditation teacher, certified yoga teacher, licensed massage therapist or esthetician, photographer, videographer or an enthusiastic host/ess and interested in sharing your skills to serve the delegates who serve us and to create buzz around the place of mindfulness and yoga in politics, I’d like to invite you to join us at The Oasis.

Fill out this online application to volunteer at the RNC in Tampa, Aug. 27-30
Fill out this online application to volunteer at the DNC in Charlotte, Sept. 3-6 

Are you a professional photographer or videographer willing to volunteer your skills? If so, email [email protected] with your website and availability to help us capture these historic events.
Please Note: You will be responsible for getting yourself to and from the Oasis, and securing a place for yourself to stay while there.  Traffic and security closures will make local transportation more challenging than usual, please plan accordingly.

I hope you can join us. It is vitally important to me personally to continue to offer these sustainable tools to all beings, especially those who wield such power on our nation’s citizens and global family. This is how we can influence the process of change…from the inside out. Please join us.
I look forward to seeing you there. Much love and blessing, Seane


Editor : Kate Bartolotta

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About Off the Mat Into the World

OTM uses the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and ignite grassroots social change. We do this by facilitating personal empowerment through leadership trainings, fostering community collaboration, and initiating local and global service projects.


17 Responses to “An Invitation to The Oasis at the DNC & RNC. ~ Seane Corn”

  1. Kathleen Kennedy says:

    When I initially glanced at the title of this article I got a quick exciting jolt to my rainy day brain and stomach. ‘Wow, yogis willing to share the love of tolerance and compassion with the protesters of the RNC and DNC…well, that is truly progressive!’ Ops. My mistake. Though I do appreciate the Oasis for creating the completely necessary space for healing at these totally non-progressive events as well as attempting to turn on a failing two party system to a culture of preventative healthcare, I must say ‘good job’ and ‘good luck’. That being said, as an intuitive dynamic bodyworker and life long yogi of my own self awareness, I must say now, I wish the yoga and massage and the all healing entities were out on the streets peacefully challenging the political parties that seem to have no interest in the well being of our planet or our health (especially women’s health). I could ramble….oh how I want to, but I will leave this shortlong reply and promise myself to meditate on how I may continue to support those individuals willing and wanting to breakdown an already crumbling political system. Be well.

  2. Hi Kathleen, Thanks for your thoughts. It isn't an either or. Off The Mat leaders and yoga leaders have been involved extensively in street efforts like Occupy as well as efforts to build deeper community and systemic changes in places like prisons and schools. Check out Seane in the street:… and Hala working on the Empowered Youth Initiative.

    • Kathleen Kennedy says:

      Thanks Marianne for the links. I am thankful for those individuals willing to work with Occupy and with underserved populations. My main mission as a LMT is to provide affordable massage therapy sessions to the masses. I do so by always providing sliding scale pricing. Yet, I look around and I clearly see the gap between those who can afford a spa or clinic treatments and those who receive free sessions at shelters and prisons and schools. Why is there this giant gap that completely skips over the working class? Why do people go to spas and pay hundreds of dollars per service while their therapist is not even making a living wage? Why do individual massage therapist start charging at $60 when they get out of school and somehow feel less if they charge less? ( When really they could have a larger more diverse practice if they charged on a sliding scale of what people are able to afford) Why are the corporations of massage businesses making a name for themselves (and a lot of cash$$$) in the market place, when often times the health and wellbeing of the therapists working is not a concern and 7-10 massages a day is the expected? How do chiropractors get away with billing $130 per massage to the insurance company while the therapists are making $10 to $20hr? I am sure you can hear my frustration within these questions. Again, thank you for the comment and the links and the reminder that I am doing my smallBig part to bridge the gap to healing.

  3. ed shapiro says:

    Hi Seane Hi Arianna- I loved the last Oasis in Denver! It really was an Oasis as the energy at the DNC was intense-
    Just being in the great Oasis energy with Yoga – good food etc. was perfect –

  4. Hank Wallace says:

    The truth is, for yogis, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may be your best bet. Ryan is totally committed to fitness – and to Ayn Rand and libertarianism, which just so happen to be two of mainstream American Yoga's favorite obsessions.

    I could easily imagine Lululemon-sponsored corporate events – combined yoga-fashion shows? – at the Romney White House. LulU founder Chip Wilson, who loves Ayn Rand, would go ga-ga over this.

    Who knows, maybe Ann Romney could start promoting yoga as a "miracle cure" for MS? Yoga's being promoted as a miracle cure for everything else, –so why not MS?

  5. hank wallace says:


    Let's face it: a Romney-Ryan victory could help take yoga to it next level of commercialization – which is where just about everyone in the industry – their high-minded protestations notwithstanding — wants yoga to go anyway.

    Yoga is also lily lily white – just like the GOP ticket.

    I think Seane Corn is being cagey here – hedging her corporate bet. I say, go for it, honey. Try to get to Romney's people and make your pitch. A lot of the 15 million yoga practitioners could be swung behind his candidacy if Ryan started extolling the virtees of yoga – and imagine demonstrating a pose or two.

    In fact, if you don't do this, I might

    • Vision_Quest2 says:

      Paul Ryan already does. He already does yoga at least once a week. Tony Horton is his guru, through P90X Yoga; and at least through DVD, if not a once-in-a-while "Bring It" international gathering …

      All right, I need all the inspiration I could get. I can pretty much assume that Paul Ryan is a fellow home yoga practitioner. I will on occasion practice yoga to a DVD or download, myself …

      However, that and a half mil, and I STILL would not be voting that way … the inspiration does not extend to my votingboothasana …

  6. hank wallace says:

    Also, don't forget Leslie Kaminoff, one fo the driving forces behind the Yoga movement in NYC. He is a total, total die-hard fanatical libertarian. He's never met a government regulation he ever liked – none. He and Ryan could be like bosom buddies? I could see them with like arms outstretched at the November victory party?

  7. Edward Staskus says:

    Free spa services? I know it is a deal with the devil, but if that is what it takes, put me on the ballot.

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  9. Hank wallace says:

    "This is not about bringing politics into yoga, but bringing yoga into the political arena."

    No it's about the shameless marketing of yoga to any and all who might pay for it.

    Yogis, even ostensibly leftie yogis, will say absolutely anything try to sell yoga. The GOP is supposedly engaged in a war on women and all sorts of other horrible atrocities, but hey man, they have deep pockets – and they might fucking win, so we better high tail it over there!

    Remember, now, this is the same Seane Corn protesting Occupy Wall Street and against corporate greed. She was n't inside offering to train bank executives in yoga. So gee, why isn't see outside the GOP convention doing yoga as a protest? Short on cash?

    And where on earth is Carol Horton, Corn's chief promoter and yoga apologist extraordinaire to rein her charge in with her own high-minded political correctness views?

    The great thing about yoga as a sales prop is that since everything is yoga, then there really are no ethics or standards around yoga.. Yoga is its own raison d'etre. Anything and everything can be justified as another form of yoga

    The fact that the editors publish all this high-minded political pap against the GOP, but then turn around and whore for Arianna and Seane? What are readers supposed to make of this? Should we really take EJ seriously?

    I know, it doesn't matter. IT'S ALL YOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lauren taylor says:

    The RNC in the title caught my eye. I looked into this. All these organziations are protesting this week outside the RNC –

    Occupy Wall Street, AFL-CIO, SEIU, Planned parenthood (obviously, because of the Reopublican War on Women).
    Lots of other local grassroots groups, including women's groups.

    Occupy Wall Street wll probably be outside the DNC Convention also.

    So what in God's name is this Yogi Celebrity Wannabe Sean Corne doing not being with the people – and indeed, CROSSING A UNION PICKET LINE?

    It does call into question what these people are really about. I recall seeing heraking a big fuss about ehrself at Occupy Wall Street. It was pretty embarrassing, but this is worse, a shameless cossing of party lines?

    Don't know what to say. There don't seem to be any ethics of standards guiding anyone doing anything in the yoga world. Even the high-minded PC stuff always has a sales angle.

    I will be in Tampa and will take this issue up with Occupy. We really don't need "class traitors" in our midst?

    Thanks for raising the issue. LT

  11. EvanFromHeaven says:

    On The Simpsons, the sign on Hank Scorpio's HQ says "Work Out for Better Tyranny." It's a fine line between helping Karl Rove's feel good as he feverishly works on his "permanent Republican majority" and spreading respect for body and mind and in the macrocosm, earth and truth, to everyone.

    I guess I'd find the balance in teaching asanas to him, but when he wants massage of his sore back (he's grossly obese), tell him calmly, "Do your own yoga, you hyperselfish parasite. And find another planet to liquidate. What if CNN founder Ted Turner is right when he says, 'We'll be eight degrees hotter in 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow. Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals' ?" Then it may be your children, Karl, your victims, who eat you, Karl! That would be poetic justice, but yoga here is more about preventive medicine, so turn your life around 180 degrees before you destroy everything you love. Om Shanti!!"

    I think I'll write Huffington a post about this. When I've seen her on TV she's brought a pretty good balance to things and seems open minded. She did great on a fine panel with Smiley and West. I've been a student of Richard Freeman here in Boulder since we were roomates in 1980 and 1985, so I remember pre-commercial yoga.

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  13. carolhortonbooks says:

    Thanks, "Hank Wallace," for wondering "where I am" . . . very flattering (?). At any rate, I am on a family vacation and busy finishing up the production of 21st Century Yoga (, and haven't had time to write about this as I'd like. But I think that OTM is making a big mistake here. You can read my comment's on Roseanne Harvey's excellent post over at It's All Yoga, Baby:

  14. […] stated their intention in an Elephant Journal article: “The Oasis was designed to provide the politicians, media, etc. a refuge where, instead of […]

  15. feee3 says:

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