Fearlessly they Awaken. ~ Judy Guadalupe

Via elephant journal
on Aug 12, 2012
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The Story:

Fearlessly they awaken
from the long time slumber
the depth of belief in separation
causing listlessness
and lethargy in some
The shared struggle resting deep in their bones

Despite resistance and fatigue
They, gathered,
We gather
Those who could move
Shook the “others” gifts free

As tears fall and hands
and fists pound upon the breasts
Forgiving each other, yes
Forgiving ourselves
and God, Allah, Yahweh, Ram
For being All That Is
oppressor, oppressed,
abuser, abused,
friend, foe.

And We, You and I,
look around the circle
and see Ourselves
Beyond color, religion, race, gender
Concepts lose their meaning
Thus, we can love ourselves
fully and freely
and Your realization of Essence
Your wholeness,
Your Authenticity Frees Me.

As Oneness emerges in our awareness
disease dissipates
and competition loses it’s grasp
and the humans tell Darwin and his friends
where to put
‘survival of the fittest’
and realize themselves a species of cooperation
of Oneness
and dance fully
Supporting the magnificent Divine sovereign expression
of Each Being
So Bright

Walls fall
Wars are paralyzed by the Love
Children teach and you and I Listen
Uniting every cell home to it’s Essence of love
The deep, gentle fierce and powerful truth
of who you are
We are…
Goddess and her beloved embodied as You.

Thank you
You are
The essence of love
in delicious and delightful form
realizing itself

Supported fully by the Almighty
It is the God–dance
for which you have come
I am honored to be dancing with You.

Judy Guadalupe offers Evenings of Inspiration, Laughter and Love, bringing lightness and joy to our hearts and souls. She has taught prenatal and Kundalini yoga, is a breath facilitator, addiction counselor, mother of three awesome beings and spiritual parenting guide. She is a poet and inspirational writer and loves being present with people as we heal, laugh, and serve fully.

 Editor: Edith Lazenby


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2 Responses to “Fearlessly they Awaken. ~ Judy Guadalupe”

  1. Doreen says:

    This poem brings joy to my heart. Judy, you are a playful, thoughtful and loving soul and I thank you for bringing a smile of recognition to my face.

  2. Denise Wade says:

    Walls fall
    Wars are paralyzed by the Love
    Children teach and you and I Listen

    These are my favorite and most powerful lines. Thank You Judy for embodying and living this as an example for us all.
    Love you Sister, Denise