Goodnight Moon. ~ Michael Kagan {Adult}

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on Aug 6, 2012
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In the small, white room

There is a big, wide bed,

And an electric clock and plenty of light,

And a mobile phone filled with apps,

And a naked woman with beautiful eyes,

And a little pussy that yearns to be fed,

And a smile that glows.

And lovely breasts,

And lips that kiss

And a body that stretches,

And a man erect ready to play,

And neighbors all around that pray for hush.


Goodnight moon,

Goodnight room,

Goodnight bed,

Goodnight clock and goodnight light,

Goodnight iPhone filled with apps.

Come to me naked woman with beautiful eyes,

Come to me with your smile that glows,

Come to me with your lovely breasts

And your little pussy that yearns to be fed,

And your lips that kiss,

And your body that stretches.

Come with me now as the neighbors cry hush,

As the air all around is filled with our rush,

And our cries and our groans fill the sweet night,

And we dance and we fly high in the wet sky.


Goodnight love,

Goodnight passion,

Goodnight erection and lubrication,

Goodnight sweat and perspiration,

Goodnight sensations everywhere.

Hush for now

Until we are rested.

And then…

And then we can start another love session.


Michael Kagan is an inventor. He is inventing all the time—whether in hi-tech, middle-tec or low-tech; whether in film treatments, thrillers, comedies or love poems; whether in commentaries to Torah, Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. For example: in-vent—to release what is inside. His recent book is God’s Prayer—The Sacred Task of Living (Gaon Books, 2012) and should be read by all.


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5 Responses to “Goodnight Moon. ~ Michael Kagan {Adult}”

  1. Anne says:

    the best bedtime stories get better with repetition…I'll be reading and rereading this.

  2. Rita says:

    oh look! Here's his neighbor's response!!

  3. ohlook says:

    oh look! a pic of almost nekkid pussy! you folk are so spiritual and stuff!

  4. mmmmmmm says:


  5. Diane Lane says:

    Awesome awesome and I love a good book!!