Boycott Bigotry? Boycott Norris.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 14, 2012
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Liberal Hollywood?

Just saw this move preview the other day: only it was a version that highlighted the inclusion of Chuck Norrrrisssssss!

I’m excited for a day & age when sexist religion-using bigots won’t be welcome in Hollywood.


Here’s my kind of hero, with a philosophy to match.

Awesome bonus:



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8 Responses to “Boycott Bigotry? Boycott Norris.”

  1. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Equal Rights & Culture.

  2. Mr.Science says:

    Interestingly enough, Norris (in the Bruce Lee vid)looks a lot like Waylon.
    So he hates women? Anyone ask his wife how she feels about that?
    But then. . . this is the part you will never get:
    "I’m excited for a day & age when sexist religion-using bigots won’t be welcome in Hollywood."
    Like back when "communists" weren't welcome in Hollywood?
    See the thing is you can't change people's beliefs through aggression. You have to lead by example. Otherwise you are no different from what you are trying to change.
    This is why your version of the mindful life falls flat for me.

  3. carnyx123 says:

    +1 to Mr Science!

  4. Katherine says:

    Where are your sources? Stating that Norris hates gays, atheists, etc. is hearsay unless there's documentation.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    I'm not suggesting they be tried in Washington DC. I'm suggested that, as with a restaurant, I don't feel comfortable supporting someone who is a bigot.

    As for his wife, I hope and assume they have a wonderful relationship. That doesn't mean, unfortunately, that he supports women's equal rights.

    Some Chuck Norris Facts, most of which Chuck is proud of and has repeated many times himself:

    Chuck Norris wants to reduce women's access to safe abortions.

    Chuck Norris thinks every schoolchild should be made to read the Bible. (Video above, with his wife) Another:

    Chuck Norris opposes all gun control laws.

    Chuck Norris doesn't believe that the government should condone homosexuality. "against public schools protecting LGBT students from bullying through anti-bullying policies, and is opposed to LGBT rights in general.[39]" Links here:… By Chuck himself:

    Chuck Norris doesn't believes in evolution. "…here’s what I really think about the theory of evolution: It’s not real. It is not the way we got here."

    But here’s what I really think about the theory of evolution: It’s not real. It is not the way we got here. In fact, the life you see on this planet is really just a list of creatures God has allowed to live.

    We are not creations of random chance. We are not accidents. There is a God, a Creator, who made you and me. We were made in His image, which separates us from all other creatures."

    Chuck Norris believes in Intelligent Design.

    Chuck Norris endorsed the presidential campaign of Mike Huckabee (Mr. Chick Fil-A supporter #1).

    Chuck Norris believe that America is Christian. Period: "…governmental leaders are to be regarded as ministers or servants of God, unless they refrain from obeying and executing his laws. And as magistrates are honored by Christ, and act under his banner, they should be careful to be his glory, and support his religion in the world."

    As for your second to last sentence, amen.

  6. elephantjournal says:

    See above.

  7. integralhack says:

    Right on. Norris is–or was–a martial artist and action movie actor. Not someone that should be a real-life "hero." His views are as simplistically Tea Party as you can get. Pray that he and Sarah Palin never have a child together.

  8. Mr.Science says:

    Thanks for the response Way, Allow me to clarify a bit.
    First, most of your response is documenting that Norris actually believes those things. For the most part I don't doubt it. Further, I disagree with the majority of those views.
    I also don't see a problem with avoiding his movies if you don't agree with him.
    I do take issue with the idea that being against abortion is equal to hating women. While I feel that abortion needs to be legal, if one feels that life begins at or near conception(one of those sticky things that science likely will never define with certainty), then the view is really about protecting life. Certainly the fetus does not magically become alive when the head crosses the vaginal opening(what if it goes feet first?) So that view often has more to do with loving babies.(Even if you disagree it is important to examine the motivation, the terrible behavior of some pro-life folks notwithstanding)
    The point I am making is not anti-abortion. The point is that in order to work with, and possibly shift the views of others we have to both listen to those others (probably by talking directly to individuals), and be willing to have our views changed.
    There is a strong tendency here to paint those with differing views as uneducated red necks, lumping together a group and calling it them. This is what I take issue with.
    Further, Chuck Norris is an inconsequential, mostly washed-up actor who had is heyday 20 years ago. What good does it do to put up a vaguely worded hit piece?
    I guess the ultimate point here is that rather than pointing out the faults in others, if human culture is to change, we have to see the ways in which we are like those we find distasteful. In the case of Norris it might be using the Bible to justify a bunch of assumptions that don't hold up to scrutiny. In the case of Elephant it seems to have to do with holding onto a vague ideal of liberalism to support many ideas that don't hold up to scrutiny, like for example, the idea that Obama and Romney are particularly different in practice, or the ability to hold the cognitive dissonance that is required by venerating a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has expanded wars and touts assassination as his crowning achievement.
    All of these info-graphics that slam various people or groups seem to have more to do with being right, and feeling like one is doing something rather than actually being willing to wade into the deep messyness of the situation. Enlightened society will not fall into any of our conventional views of right and left, and we won't get there by demonizing individuals or groups.
    You see the kind of polarization that this post promotes is the same kind of polarization promoted by Fox and other outlets that you often decry. It is a divide and conquer strategy that I don't think you buy into but could(and do) accidentally fall into.
    That's the best I can do for now.