Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick? Mr. 1%.

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on Aug 11, 2012
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ROMNEY/RYAN 2012: Confirmed.

“I’m torn between being optimistic because I think this makes Romney more beatable, and terrified because what if Romney/Ryan actually win…” ~ top comment on Reddit. Amen to that.

Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice Presidential candidate? Looks like it’s Paul Ryan.

You know the architect behind the GOP’s cynical budget? That’s the one.

He’s got nice hair. He’ll excite the cynical of Mitt GOP base. He won’t excite anyone else: women, Latinos, independent voters—he’s Mr. “Mr. Ayn Rand-Free Market”…

“though, apparently, he “has not really spent a day in his life in the free market (that is…not a day that wasn’t basically handed to him by his family company – and even that “private sector experience” was apparently pretty egregious resume’ padding.)

Apparently, since his dad died when he was young, he collected Social Security and used it to go to college where he was groomed by a conservative professor to use his family’s money and name recognition to go basically straight from college into politics. Amazingly hypocritical for the guy who wants to take my social security away…”

Via the NY Times:

He has recommended making significant changes to Medicare, the popular health insurance for older Americans, and Medicaid, which provides health coverage for the poor, and privatizing Social Security.

The ideas initially made him all but radioactive, even among Republican leaders, but he steadily built support for his plan among conservative commentators and the party’s leaders and eventually persuaded his colleagues in Congress, as well as the party’s presidential candidates, to join him last year.


  • Rated 13% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record. (Dec 2002)
  • Rated 0% by the HRC, indicating an anti-gay-rights stance. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 36% by NAACP, indicating a mixed record on affirmative-action. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 8% by the NEA, indicating anti-public education votes. (Dec 2003)
    • Rated 30% by CURE, indicating anti-rehabilitation crime votes. (Dec 2000)
    • Rated 0% by the CAF, indicating opposition to energy independence. (Dec 2006)
    • Rated -3 by AAI, indicating a anti-Arab anti-Palestine voting record. (May 2012)
    • Rated 11% by APHA, indicating a anti-public health voting record. (Dec 2003)
    • Rated 0% by the AU, indicating opposition to church-state separation. (Dec 2006)
    • Rated 10% by the ARA, indicating an anti-senior voting record. (Dec 2003)

“…wants federal ban on same sex marriage, supported patriot act, opposes embryonic stem cell research, opposes contraception funding, opposes hate crime laws, wanted constitutional amendment banning flag desecration, supports expanding oil drilling, opposes funding for any renewable energy, opposes regulation of greenhouse gasses, opposes preserving habitats for endangered species, supports line veto, supports warrantless wiretaps, opposes civil oversight on surveillance, supports neverending war on terror…”

Early White House response?

Also via Reddit:

I’ve seen a lot of people already congratulating the President on his second term “win” but the thing that will hurt his campaign the most is apathy. Don’t forget to sign up ( and volunteer for the campaign, even if it’s just for a few hours!

Can’t emphasize this enough. Just getting out to volunteer once is a huge asset to the campaign. Don’t underestimate the power of Romney’s unlimited money and incredibly loose morals when it comes to advertisements.


Paul Ryan on Ayn Rand:

“I just want to speak to you a little bit about Ayn Rand and what she meant to me in my life and [in] the fight we’re engaged here in Congress. I grew up on Ayn Rand, that’s what I tell people.”

“I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are, and what my beliefs are.”

“It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff. We start with Atlas Shrugged. People tell me I need to start with The Fountainhead then go to Atlas Shrugged [laughter]. There’s a big debate about that. We go to Fountainhead, but then we move on, and we require Mises and Hayek as well.”

“But the reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.”

“And when you look at the twentieth-century experiment with collectivism—that Ayn Rand, more than anybody else, did such a good job of articulating the pitfalls of statism and collectivism—you can’t find another thinker or writer who did a better job of describing and laying out the moral case for capitalism than Ayn Rand.”

“It’s so important that we go back to our roots to look at Ayn Rand’s vision, her writings, to see what our girding, under-grounding [sic] principles are.”

“Because there is no better place to find the moral case for capitalism and individualism than through Ayn Rand’s writings and works.”

And some video:

^ Ryan: “I think a lot of people would observe that we are right now living in an Ayn Rand novel, metaphorically speaking.

Ayn Rand, more than anyone else, did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism.”

And then, apparently, Ryan discovered she was an atheist:

“I reject her philosophy,” Ryan says firmly. “It’s an atheist philosophy. It reduces human interactions down to mere contracts and it is antithetical to my worldview. If somebody is going to try to paste a person’s view on epistemology to me, then give me Thomas Aquinas,” who believed that man needs divine help in the pursuit of knowledge. “Don’t give me Ayn Rand,” he says.



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16 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick? Mr. 1%.”

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  2. […] Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick? Looks like it’s Mr. 1%. […]

  3. Tracy says:

    Great post and the "White House response" will be playing in a loop in my head for the rest of the day!
    Thank you, also, for reminding people to step up and help with the campaign! As you said, even one afternoon is a tremendous help. I'd like to go a step further and cite two great (and easy) opportunities to help: phone banking from your own home (you can't get much easier and more comfortable than that) and voter registration drives, which might be one of the best things we could do to help our young people get out and vote.

  4. It will be interesting to see if Obama gets the youth vote this time around. Especially since Obama can't lie about being the anti-war candidate like he did in 2008.

  5. carolhortonbooks says:

    Well, if the Romney campaign wanted to energize this disillusioned Obama voter, they did a great job of it. With a VP like that, I'm ready to run back to the Democrats with new fervor, despite the fact that I have a long and very serious list of complaints against them. Those who think that there's no difference between the two parties aren't grappling with just how insanely horrible the GOP has become. But I wish we had other choices. Sigh.

  6. Mark Ledbetter says:

    Thanks The Rose, for the intro to Gary Johnson.
    We have a choice!

    Obama and Romney both give us:
    1. wars, military-industrial complex, and American Empire
    2. the American Gulag (millions in jail for victimless crimes)
    3. destroyed minority neighborhoods in pursuit of the war on drugs
    4. spending out of control driving us toward financial collapse
    5. crony capitalism with Washington, Detroit, and Wall St. in bed together
    6. culture wars forever by making such things as religion and choice in marriage government issues

    How can anyone here support that? With Johnson you get none of those things, someone you can support.

    Gary Johnson, former guv of New Mexico, current libertarian party candidate, mountain-biker extraordinaire. Thanks again for the heads up on that Rose. It’s nice to have someone worth supporting.

  7. I'm still holding out on a brokered convention. Gary Johnson is on the ballet in all 50 states, and supposedly if he starts polling at 15%, they have to put him in the debates.

    Good to have an ally here. I'm a little surprised by all the obama supporters in the yoga community.

  8. Mark Ledbetter says:

    For myself, YogaforLiberty, I'm actually a little surprised to find libertarian-leaning people in a yoga community. And possibly Ele is a little surprised, too. I suspect they went into this thing assuming the obvious and unchallengeable superiority of their position for anyone spiritually evolved enough to be interested in yoga or Buddhism. But lo and behold, there are yoga/Buddha type people in small but still surprising numbers who actually don't seem to see that it's obvious.

    Still, you SHOULD be right. If one and only one political position is strongly and consistently anti-war, there should be at the very least a lot of strong sympathy for that position. Alas, we're still quite the minority position. But spreading. Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all states, you say? Fantastic. That means anyone can make an anti-war vote if they so desire.

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  10. Right on Mark. Are you a Glenn Greenwald fan? I think this article is quite fitting for a large portion of Ele:

    IMO, Libertarianism is a political manifestation of yoga philosophy. The first yama ahimsa is as central to yoga practice as the central axiom of libertarianism, which is the Non-aggression principle.

    "The State represents violence in a concentrated and organized form. The individual has a soul, but as the State is a soulless machine, it can never be weaned from violence to which it owes its very existence." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  11. Mark Ledbetter says:

    "Libertarianism is a political manifestation of yoga philosophy."

    I always say the same. Yoga and Buddhic philosophy are non-authoritarian, as is libertarianism. Reliance on govt solutions, on the other hand IS authoritarian. Absolutely no way to escape that reality. Reliance on govt means reliance on raw power, on the guns and jails of the state. The state does not suggest or recommend. It is power, period, or "violence in a concentrated form." (Nice quote, btw, all of it). Of course you already know that! Just mentioning for others who may not have considered this point of view.

    And thanks for the intro to Glenn Greenwald. No, I didn't know him. Looks like someone to look into. Newest book: Liberty and Justice For Some.

  12. yogi henry says:

    to mark and liberty: I like your correlations of yoga philosophy and the premise of libertarianism. I question however the wisdom of supporting at this time a 3rd party candidate at the presidential level.
    We have 2 major parties. One of those is going to win the election.
    If one party is less libertarian than the other it would make sense to work with the other party to win first. Then, working to get more and more libertarian members and ideas established within the winning party becomes the next step. Evolution within that party would be easier and possibly welcomed.
    If you cast your ballot for the 3rd party candidate and those wasted votes actually help the less libertarian party win; you will have actually hurt your chances for change and made the situation worse! Big changes take time and dedication to goals in the “evolution not revolution strategy”. I like your ideas and will look to see how I can increase the libertarian ideals spreading. As to ‘yoga for liberty’ saying: “I’m a little surprised by all the obama supporters in the yoga community” let me tell you that in ’08 probably 85 plus percent of my yoga community were enamored by the eloquence and charisma of barack obama. They are used to ‘believing’ people are sincere and truthful in what they say. This makes the yoga community vulnerable to smooth tongued leaders; case in point is John Friend. For many years I had to listen to how messianic and spiritual he was. The pressure to join Anusara was very big. So,in reality, the Obama syndrome is not hard for me to understand.

  13. Mark Ledbetter says:

    Good points, Yogi H. On the other hand, all the "experts" are saying there are only abaout 5 or 6 states in play this time. Both candidates are assuming the other 45 are so set there's hardly any point in comapaigning. So, unless you live in one of the 5 or 6, you could make the case that voting for R or O is a wasted vote anyway so you might as well make a statement and vote anti-war, ie Gary Johnson.

    Fascinating comparison btw, Obama and Friend. There certainly is a messianic streak, almost by definition, in "spiritual" people, so it's natural for them to look to the person and party that will "save" us and ignore that they are pro war. The other party is more grounded in solid economics and reality so it is more cognizant of the fianancial impossibility of government saving us, but it is probably even more warlike than war mongering democrats. Unleess you live in one of the 5 or 6, I'd suggest again, to anyone who cares about peace (as oppossed to being saved) use your vote to make a meaningful statement.

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