Quite Possibly One of the Most Beautiful Poses I’ve Ever Seen. {Photograph by Robert Sturman}

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on Aug 3, 2012
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part 1

I don’t believe I’ve seen this pose and I do believe it is

quite possibly one of the most beautiful poses I have ever witnessed.


part 2

…and then, there is the rest of the shoot from earlier this week. 

Still, too fresh for words.

But, the remarkable thing about these days,

is that the internet is a window into the artist’s studio as the work is being created.






“As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets

clearer and cleaner.”

~ Rumi


“My strength has the strength of ten because my heart is pure.”

 Alfred Lord Tennyson


The model studying the images during the shoot


Noelle Beaugureau, The  Sól Goddess,

is a frequent and luminous subject in Sturman’s work.

Together, they continue to create a highly inspired

body of work in the mountains and by the sea.





part 3

The following is a selection of work from

Beaugureau/Sturman collaborations in 2011










The End

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13 Responses to “Quite Possibly One of the Most Beautiful Poses I’ve Ever Seen. {Photograph by Robert Sturman}”

  1. Robert_Piper says:

    Great work Robert! I posted it on the Elephant Yoga page on Facebook.

  2. Howie says:

    Excellent pictures!

  3. Andrea says:

    breathtaking thank you for sharing

  4. liz says:

    absolutely wonderful. "Lucky" magazine was somehow just delivered to my mailbox. OMG! Have you seen that thing? It's ALL about what to buy to hide your physical deformities and look pretty. I'd say this beautiful photo shoot is FAR and away is a better role model for girls and women… and men, and all humans.

  5. Mamaste says:

    Just intro'd on FB to: Main Page.

    Bravo, Roberto.

  6. K.M. says:

    Yoga is now exhibitionism, good goin! Patanjali is rolling in his grave.

  7. yogijulian says:

    the problem with your puritanism is that, in addition to being ungracious, it has no basis. you may have missed out on the OG hatha yogins who did contortionist demonstrations in the street. patanjali is but one thinker among many in the yogic canon – and his ascetic hatred of the body, material world, sexual desire etc is miles away from what yoga is about nowadays and in an international context.

    but even if it were something universally aspired toward, yogins have a history of publicly demonstrating everything from contortionist postures to piercing their flesh to flashing their ritually elongated tongues – the hardcore ascetic aghoris will even do public feats like lifting huge rocks with their penises. talk about exhibitionism!

    want to be a religious fundamentalist? that's up to you, but its not the only game in town and i find these pictures beautiful, inspiring and artistically uplifting.

  8. Mamaste says:

    Nicely done, Julian.

  9. Cami Rice says:

    ‎"…beautiful, inspiring and artistically uplifting." Yes. A quote just came to mind that expresses how I feel about the art Robert makes with his models. It's that quote from the movie, As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson. He says to his female lead, "You make me want to be a better person." That's how I feel about Roberts art, not just because the images are gorgeous or because the models are often in amazing yoga poses but because in these images I see qualities of love, peace, strength, endurance, fortitude, serenity, equanimity…etc…etc… They bless my heart and I like to pass them on, hoping to bless others. –Cami Rice

  10. Shannon von Burns says:

    You see exhibitionism and I see beauty. I am grateful I have my eyes to look through and my heart to experience this gift~ Sounds like you could use some Namaste in your heart~

  11. James Hackney says:

    The model shares a surname with a late 19th centure French painter, Willem Adolphe Beaugereaux, who I am certain would would approve of the photos.

  12. Tara says:


  13. Coco says:

    I could not have written a more appropriate response to K.M. than this, so thank you.

    EJ should copy this and make it their "as needed" auto-response;-)