August 6, 2012

The Times They Are A-Changing Us. ~ Elizabeth Wright

Currently the sea of the collective consciousness feels calm as we are offered an opportunity to rest in between the intense energies of the cosmic climate that are encouraging our evolution.

This year has been unbelievably intense, I am hearing this from my friends and colleagues and am certainly experiencing it in my own life. There are very high vibrations being sent to Gaia, Mother Earth, and all of her inhabitants that are penetrating our energy fields with the very specific goal of waking us all up through spiritual transformation. There are solar flares, larger than ever recorded in history that are affecting our energetic bodies like never before.

Spiritual transformation happens when we move beyond the ego self of “me, mine, I” to live from the divine self of “oneness” where we consider the law of cause and affect on all of humanity.

The way this transformation takes place is that our “stuff” comes up for us to look at, deal with and clear out so that we may shift, thereby supporting the shift of humanity. This year, people’s stuff has been coming up thick and fast and we barely have time to catch our breath after one wave hits; we dive underneath the seas to recover, then we come up for air to find another wave is coming at us. Don’t panic!

The “stuff” may show up as external events that seem to be happening to us such as the death of a friend, losing a job, having to move out of our home, relationship break-ups, financial hardships, disease or accidents. These events are taking us to the brink of what we think we can handle, they are stretching us beyond what we think our breaking point is. I am finding that when we are repeatedly taken to the edge, that the ego begins to diminish and the inner light begins to grow and expand bringing with it the strength and wisdom of our divine self. This is the point of all of our trials and tribulations.

Think of those who have survived recent disasters such as the Japanese tsunami. Imagine that one day you wake up one day and find that everything around you that you think of as the factors that comprise your life; your home, place of work, loved ones, schools, roads, grocery stores is all gone, literally washed away, then what do you have left? You have your life! The very gift of being alive. That is all that matters in that moment because you are still alive! And you are grateful for your life like you’ve never felt before because everything around you has been lost. It is humbling, it brings to the forefront of your consciousness what really matters. Just your existence is finally enough. There is no wanting more, you are just happy to be breathing.

The same thing is currently happening to us, little by little, our ego, the part of us that feels entitled, is being chipped away, so that our light can shine through, so that we can wake up every day and just feel gratitude for being here. So that we can begin to give thanks for every little blessing that comes our way. Be grateful for what is happening now, it is incredibly important, it is a landmark in the history of the earth. Not long from now we will welcome a new age of harmony and peace on earth. But we are the creators of this new age so we have to embody this peace and to get to the peace we have to go through the turbulence, the earthquake, the transformation.

This is the truth of the bigger picture of all these seemingly difficult events, is it designed for the highest good of all. Until we all get to that place where we are helping one another rather than stepping on top of each other to get to the top where sit alone, we have not learned what we need to learn, we have not obeyed our Great God. Our Father is a loving father who wants the very best for each of us and this is the destiny for earth—a planet where we all love and take care of one another. Our Mother is loving and She asks us to embrace this new way of thinking, speaking and behaving. We will continue to be treated with a firm hand until we have learned this very important lesson of oneness, one love, one world.

And so, each time a wave hits you, give thanks and know it is for your highest good and the good of all. Take another breath, dive deep and prepare yourself for the next wave. Allow the wave to purify your heart and cleanse you. And my suggestion, is to go out and find a great surfboard and then ride the wave rather than dive underneath it. When you are riding the wave, you are going with the Universal flow and you are finding a way to enjoy your ride, no matter what it brings you. Ride the wave in love, peace and light.

One Love.

Elizabeth Wright is an advanced certified Vibrational Healer and has a storefront, Spirit Works, in downtown Santa Fe.  She is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and teaches in Santa Fe.  Elizabeth has just published her first book, “I & Eye” on Amazon, which tells her story of transformation and is also a guide to vibrational healing.  She travels to teach vibrational healing workshops around the country.  Elizabeth was born in New Delhi, India, raised in Ankara, Turkey, lived in Connecticut, North Carolina, Oklahoma and received her B.S. in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  She then became anavid skiier in Vail, Colorado before moving to Sydney Australia for 11 years.  Elizabeth now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico after 5 years in Syracuse, New York.


Editor: Ryan Pinkard

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