“This is a young girl who wanted her picture taken with her makeshift hula hoop, playing at a dark & depressing charcoal factory in Manila. Hope is everywhere.”

Via elephant journal
on Aug 3, 2012
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A comment, via Reddit: “And as I sit on my $2500 computer, watching my 50 inch TV, depressed about my issues with my gf… I suddenly feel like a huge piece of shit.”

Excerpt of photo above (I’ve cropped it) via Imgur via Reddit via Mio Cade flickr.com. Click here for full image, much larger, and more photos.

Mio: “Could not remember this little girl name. But she was very curious of my camera. She requested me to take a photo of her playing the hula hoop. She was so happy to be photographed and kept asking for more photos.. Kuya, photo me, kuya photo me. I remember her sweet voices.

At the end I hugged her and swing her around like a hula hoop. She was overjoyed. To me she was a little princess. She was so adorable.”

Another photo from Tondo: chilling.


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18 Responses to ““This is a young girl who wanted her picture taken with her makeshift hula hoop, playing at a dark & depressing charcoal factory in Manila. Hope is everywhere.””

  1. elizabeth says:

    beautiful image… beautiful perspective. thanks. πŸ™‚

  2. emilyalp says:

    Thank you. When there is nothing to lose; there is everything to gain. Bless this little urchin.

  3. Kira says:

    thx for bringing perspective. I remember gaining this after travelling to India. It's so nice to be reminded that we actually live in one of the richest countries on the planet. How easily we forget. Happiness is a choice.

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  5. occultfan says:

    the hope we lose, the hope we gain, the hope we can feel -right now-

  6. johhnm says:

    It is a reminder, of the multiple concerns that face us, both internal and outside, to work for more change both internal and outside of ourselves, if we have that opportunity to see it and to act.

  7. darlene says:

    phenomemanal photos! Thanks

  8. dan says:

    The good thing is she's probably happier than some kids who have everything! Money doesn't always come with a key to happiness!

  9. TeoSC84 says:

    I happen to know a group of lovely ladies that would love nothing more than to donate some hoops to this little girl and her friends. How do we get in contact with someone who could help make this happen?!

  10. Maurice says:

    Breathtaking photos. It's unfortunate this poor child may not live past 15 after breathing or being exposed to many of the toxins surrounding her. My girlfriend's sister-in-law just passed away in Philippines in a work-related accident and she was only 28 and left 3 small girls. Her husband had a stroke 4 months prior at the young age of 34 and can't afford healthcare so they are relying on donations through their aunt in Toronto, Canada. If anybody is interested, You caring has set up a fundraiser in their name: http://www.youcaring.com/valinosisters

  11. lb1982 says:

    no offense, but do you think that girl was asked if she was ok to go viral like that? pls stop using poorporn in order to bring "another perspective" into your life. primitive accumulation. should be more than enough to really get another perspective. thank you

  12. Lisa says:

    I am hoop crafter. I will send her hoops if I can get an address

  13. flower says:

    totally photoshopped

  14. jennifer says:

    It is offensive. It's to bring perspective into everyone's life. If you think she would be offended, find her and ask. Don't judge anyone. If this pic helps anyone in her situation, most likely she would be proud. The pic isn't harmful or exploitive. Do you think she knows what going viral means? Do you think she cares? She lives in a place where she has to breathe toxicity constantly. She has no real toys, maybe not enough to eat, her future is dim compared to children in our country. Do you think she or anyone around her is concerned with a photograph?

  15. Matt says:

    Ummm…this is not real. Completely and utterly photoshopped.

  16. Please Reconsider says:

    Just because she doesn't know what going viral means doesn't make it more acceptable to use her image, it makes it worse. How do you know that she and her family and her community aren't concerned about the photograph? If you wouldn't circulate a photo of someone who was more affluent without their permission but you would because someone is in poverty and has other problems to deal with, you're exploiting her situation. It's a matter of human dignity.

  17. Kris says:

    Who could get us in contact with someone to arrange donations of hula hoops and other necessities to this beautiful girl and her family?