August 19, 2012

Wanted: Jackasses for Love. ~ ShaMecha Simms

“If you want to improve be content to be thought foolish and stupid…that’s what you’ve done…you’re the shit!”

I love love and I’m not afraid to admit it, but I can’t deny that love makes a jackass of me.

The boy I risked, and subsequently received, a parental beatdown for so that I could watch his little league baseball game in sixth grade. The boy I walked home from school while holding his books because his arm was broken in seventh grade. The three boys I liked in eighth grade all turned out to be gay. The girl I became smitten with at a StuCo camp in high school who, upon me admitting attraction, ceased interacting with me.

Love has given me the Sho’Nuff Converse asskick for a long time.

Or perhaps I allow love to reflect its creative, fiery, no-holds-barred nature in my actions.

An energy often squelched by followers of cool, controlled approaches espoused (pun intended) in He’s Just Not That Into You and Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. 

Antics in the name of love wins as many supporters as it does critics.

Tell ’em Dean…

Love inspires me so that I often find it takes me to the heights of my creative output and deep into the pockets of my energy reserves.

Am I addicted? Absolutely.

Take for instance this video I created for a special person for Valentine’s Day 2011.

One, I never do Valentine’s Day. I find it to be a waste of financial resources. But after learning that my love interest’s most memorable Valentine’s Day gift was a pack of gummy worms and a bottle of Crown Royal (yeah, I won’t even waste your attention span on that story) I thought, “I can’t be beat by gummy worms.”

I let the issue go due to being blank for a stunt that could be pulled together in three days with thousands of miles between us. Then an idea floated into my brain while falling to sleep.

The first time we hung out this song (one of my favorite songs ever) was playing in the background.

It all seemed so serendipitous.

Like a lit match on a trail of gasoline, a costume, director and set appeared within days of my bright idea.

Here are the results, be ware, there is nothing professional about me or the production though I managed to move and lip synch the entire song.


What happened after I posted this video on my Facebook page?

I never publicly divulged the name of the person this was “@” but many of my Facebook friends loved the video. When I finally became brave enough to feel out the individual for what he thought of the video I was swiftly reprimanded and asked to never call or message.

Ever again.

Then, after two months, he sent me a message in the interest of reconnecting.

For another year and a half the on/off again games were played—and ultimately ended.


I still believe in love though.

I suppose the key is to find someone who is equally as willing to make a jackass of themselves as you are, but we’d have to take turns.

I always say:

Be crazy for a purpose, no one likes it when you’re crazy just to be crazy.

I’m confident I will find someone that appreciates my sense of humor and abandon in the name of love.

Until then feel free to comment and share the crazy things you’ve done for love.


ShaMecha Simms is a die-hard romantic, moonlighting as an apprentice for elephant journal. She loves to laugh and occasionally write. When not brainwashing, er, teaching she can  be found waxing eloquently and inappropriately on Facebook or Twitter.



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