August 23, 2012

Akin’s anti-Choice bills were co-sponsored by…Paul Ryan.

The Coat Hanger becomes the symbol of the moment.

It’s almost like the once-Grand Ol’Party is trying to lose the support of moderates and independents.

The official Republican party position is ‘no exceptions for rape’ [or incest], and Romney/Ryan officially represent that position.

Update: “NO CHOICE
More Than 40 Republican Candidates Oppose Abortion In Cases Of Rape, Incest.”

Update: Rachel Maddow (MSNBC): “The official republican party position is ‘no exceptions for rape’, and Romney/Ryan should be held accountable for that position.

Updates: “Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and Redefining Rape — The Missouri congressman pushed a bill—along with the GOP vice-presidential candidate—to prohibit taxpayer-funded abortions for rape victims.”

“Ryan Refuses To Say Abortions Should Be Available To Women Who Are Raped.”

“The Akin and the damage done: His Anti-Abortion Bills were Co-sponsored by Paul Ryan.”


“The coathanger is a political statement. It’s cutesy, but it’s a political statement.

If pro-life politicians have their way, we’re going to see a regression to older, more unsafe forms of abortion. You can’t keep it safe and neat when you’re not funded, much less not legal. Their laws won’t stop abortion, it would only make it more dangerous and cause the deaths of many women who go for an abortion regardless.

That’s not very pro-life of them, at all.”

GOP’s official Platform announced: No Exceptions in case of Rape.

the GOP announced that there will be no rape exception (indeed no exceptions at all) in their new national platform of anti-choice politics…People SHOULD BE shocked and horrified and disturbed and nauseous over the idea of returning to a time in America when women were forced to this absolute cruelest of medical procedures (abortion via coat hanger). People should be pissed, and notice I don’t say “women should be pissed” – PEOPLE. HUMAN BEINGS. Those of us who are breathing should be pissed that one of our own – millions of our own, half of our population – will be put in danger because of positively medieval thinking on behalf of the most removed-from-reality politicians of the GOP.”


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