September 16, 2012

3 Ways to Bring the Farmer’s Market to Your Wedding Celebration.

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When I was growing up, the farmers’ market was more than just a place where we bought vegetables.

It was an entire culture of farmers and neighbors. Kids were running all over the place sucking on honey bears or eating fresh strawberries. Farmers chatted up eve passers by and were always happy to talk about that year’s crop, swap recipes, and just generally keep everyone entertained.

Going to the market was like going to a community gathering. Everyone was in such high spirits and the smells, tastes and colors were always so beautiful. My favorite time to visit the farmer’s market was in the fall when the apples were piled high, the pies steamed, the pumpkins smiled from their perches, and the giant award winning squash took center stage.

While many eco-friendly couples choose to serve fresh, organic, local food at their weddings, few choose to make the farmer’s market itself a theme.

This is good news! It means the idea is special and unique, saved for the rare couple that loves the marketplace, the bounty and the community spirit. Here are some ideas for bringing the market to your celebration.

1. Handmade Signs

Photo: greenbrideguide.com

Farmer’s markets are full of vintage-inspired handwritten signs. They’re a necessity (otherwise, how will you know a vendor has fresh blueberries picked that same day?) but they’re also part of the ambiance of the market.

Create your own signs out of pieces of wood and garden stakes. You can paint directly on the wood or attach a piece of fine-grained recycled paper if you’d like it to look a bit fancier. Label your foods,too. This is a great way to inform guests about your organic and local menu items and is also helpful if you’re offering vegan or gluten-free options. If you don’t want to make your own, consider buying custom-made rustic signs from Etsy where there is a wide selection.

2. Recycled Paper Bags and Fruit Cartons

Photo: greenbrideguide.com

Everyone recognizes the quaint brown paper and fruit cartons of the farmer’s market. Serve your fruit and vegetables the same way. This works especially well for fruit you’re sending home as favors.

3. Rustic Photographs

Photo: greenbrideguide.com

Immortalize your farmer’s market by having your photograph taken in front of an old cottage or barn. Your fresh and fancy outfits will look all the more stunning juxtaposed next to the peeling paint. Shabby chic is all the rage! Your photographs will be interesting and lovely and they will perfectly reflect the theme of your celebration.

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