A Conversation of Love.

Via Tom Grasso (Gyandeva)
on Sep 10, 2012
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Photo: Denise Mayumi

My friend, you ask such a wonderful question!

Let me try to answer you in the only way I can. Let’s be still for a moment…

My Soul knows. In some respects It has always known. Before my mind could question a thing my Soul knew. Before I could form words or understand their meaning my Soul understood. Before the concepts of time and space took hold in me my Soul felt her presence.

When I learned to crawl I was crawling towards her. When I learned to walk and to run she was the finish line. Before I could read or write I had already written the book of her in my heart.

Each experience of this life has led me toward her, the woman I’ve known a thousand lifetimes and loved since the dawn of my Soul’s creation.

I cannot explain how it feels when I look at her, when I see her face. I cannot explain why my heart jumps when I see her smile, or feel her fingers snake between my own. I can’t explain the welling up in my eyes at the very thought of her. I can’t explain or describe any of it, but I know it’s there and I know it is my Soul talking to me clearly.

My mind may not always be satisfied with the answers it gets. It may not always like what it sees. It may not always have faith. It may not always have blind trust in the woman who inspires such Love in me. But my Soul, ah my Soul, well, It always knows who she is.

My Soul always sees the light of Love radiate from the clouds my mind has created.

Those rays of love warm even the coldest parts of me, and even when my mind creates things that don’t exist or focuses on those human things that do, my Soul always feels those rays of light and always knows they’re there. They are the meaning of it all.

That is why I love her, my friend. Not because of some need of my body or mind, but because my Soul wills it to be. Because my Soul knows, as It always has and always will. When I close my eyes for that final time and breathe my last, my Soul will still be with her, and Its heart she will carry into whatever place she travels next. She is not perfect in this form but my Soul bears her name regardless of where my body or mind take me.

That is Love, my friend. It is a Mindful, mindless, pure and simple Love that encompasses all of who we are.

What a gift it has been to have it, and what a gift it has been to see it at work. Each tear a gift unto itself; each twitch of pain a confirmation of the simple truth of Love often left complicated by a mind seeking to explain it.

In letting go, however, in leaving the mind to its quieted place behind the Soul if even for a moment, you will see it clearly. You feel it, you have no doubts as It carries you beyond your mortal place into a Heaven best left secret to Lovers. Yes, it’s in your midst and you can’t see it only because you have failed to look with your Soul but rather chosen to look with your mind’s eye.

Forget the mind for a moment and see It in all of Its glory. That is Love, that is power, and that is her. Now, take her hand and walk into the Sunrise and never look back again.

Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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