September 21, 2012

Craving a New Beginning. ~ Ana-Maria Subtirica

How Spending Time Apart Strengthens and Reinforces Your Relationship.

It is a wonderful thing to miss someone! It’s always a surprise, or more like a mystery among curiosity, to discover potential feelings that surface in these circumstances.

When I leave, in order to spend time by myself or just to better connect with my feminine essence, these feelings become more vivid and I become more aware of their intensity.

We may not pay much attention to what we experience while being together as a couple, because of the euphoric state of being in love and enjoying each other. But distance does its work. Can you relate?

Photo: Shinan Ahmad

Joy, eagerness, excitement, melancholy, maybe sadness—I experience all these contradictory feelings in a unique way, while me and my lover are apart. I would love to know your emotional experience.

Of course, the joy of the re-encounter and the fulfillment of seeing each other again is something worth waiting for—and you can’t compare it to any other feeling! It’s a chance for a never-ending beginning.

Many people may think it takes a lot of courage to leave, because they are tied up in their relationships and fear of losing the other. Fear is something we’ve all experienced. It’s inevitable not to feel it at least once in your life. And it’s normal. We just have to be aware of it and not let it take control over us. Fear appears when we face some circumstances in our lives—it’s almost like a reaction.

We fear loss because we’re used to possessing. We fear loss because we’re used to be in control. We also fear loss because we don’t have enough confidence in ourselves. The times in my life when I felt scared and lost relate very much to what I just said.

People stay because it’s comfortable. People don’t go because it’s convenient. This applies to so many couples these days! But when love is authentic and not an addiction—when you love spending time and sharing with the other—you don’t feel the urgency or pressure to go away. What is your story?

Spending time apart is healthy for a relationship, because of the awareness that arises and the feelings that have time to grow inside of you and settle. Even in a daily life-sharing way of living, it’s important to have your own space, where you can regain your energy and enthusiasm. I know I need it.

Gatherings for women only or men only improve their respective interactions. Women fulfill their need for sharing and talking—in this way, they unburden themselves—and men fulfill their need for competition and challenge.


Ana-Maria Subtirica loves to be surrounded by beauty. She finds beauty in everything: people, things, places. She sees beauty as a way and as an art of living. She enjoys being creative with words, clothes and food. She admires expression through beauty: harmony in gestures, elegance in movement and fervor in dance. She has an unruly curiosity to seek and to encounter, and believes it is the greatest thing to set yourself free, being inspired by the people you meet in your life journey.

Ana-Maria’s creativity and passion for art meet in her project www.loverevolution.ro. Connect with her at [email protected].


Editor: Malin Bergman

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