I love Fox News.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 8, 2012
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Fair & Balanced? I like it.

Chris Wallace conducts a pointed, challenging interview with followups, without shouting and with a real exchange of differing beliefs and facts? I’m in.


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3 Responses to “I love Fox News.”

  1. Ross G says:

    Yes, Chris Wallace conducted an interview, with an exchange, and there wasn't shouting. He provided some challenge, though not much ("There are all kinds of studies out there…").

    However why this would justify a post entitled "I Love Fox News", an organization I'm not even going to bother wasting my time defining, is frankly rather bizarre.

  2. Susan says:

    He seems shocked that he is being questioned like this on Fox.

  3. Guest says:

    Having served in the US Army, and being a female, I found this clip fascinating in many ways.

    I don't know what my stance is on the policy of "Don't Ask, Don't tell," I just believe that love is love and I'm pro-gay equality … I even have a theory that gay folks will contribute greatly to saving the world from over-population, since they can't biologically procreate with one another! But I must admit, with a grain of salt, I can see a veeeeeery small glimmer of reason in Santorum's argument… I was raped by my NCO while serving overseas, NOT in a combat zone, where women's roles are still somewhat limited for what seem like similar reasons to what Santorum is touching on… Not that I agree with the reasons… even if my personal experience would suggest otherwise. I need to believe our species is capable of transcending what we struggle with.

    The fact is, humans are humans. There are infinite degrees of (mal)adaptive behavior, especially under the extreme conditions in a war zone, that cannot be policy-ed out of existence. As I had to learn, just serving in the military at all can be extremely stressful, let alone serving in a war zone, which I did not.

    What I earnestly wonder sometimes is… which is more important: a "policy" of openness that encourages us silly humans to, sometimes painfully, learn acceptance of one another and how to Be with one another…. or a policy of attempting to box people into "safety" with rules like "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"

    I have no comment of Fox News, I quit watching cable years ago. I'm not for limiting free speech and I am definitely pro-equality to the point of meeting my own cognitive dissonance brought on by my own life experience. I do think there may be unintended consequences of hard lining with any policy.

    Will there not always be some hard lessons? In other words, why not err on the side of acceptance? I'm still figuring this out, if that wasn't obvious from my wishy-washy post here, for myself on the subject of military social contexts. Everyone has their touchy spot. I can say I'm very grateful to have gotten my ass out of there, abandoning my dream of serving in that way. But as we see, learning to live with people who are different, in any way, is an ongoing human experiment in all contexts.

    I appreciated this post, even if I still don't know much about what's "right" or "wrong" for the greatest number of people, since we're all at different stages of our journey.