Just Your Friendly, Local Anti-Fracking Supporter Calling. ~ Kate Hormel {Update}

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on Sep 8, 2012
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Update: We need 25,000 signatures by December 20th. Please pass this around to as many
people as possible.We petition the Obama administration to:

Withdraw BLM Oil/Gas Leases From Colorado’s Premiere Organic Farming Region
and Update BLM’s 25-Year-Old Land Use Plan.

If you know you already signed this, thank you!

All that is asked for signing up is your email and name.  You can add your
zip code if you want.

Sign the petition here.


Pause for a cause.

This evening there came a timid knock at my door.

A young man with dreadlocks calmly asked me if I had a moment to spare to hear about the anti-fracking movement that’s gaining strength out in the eastern part of Boulder County.

Fracking is already occurring in many parts of the country, and is largely an unknown issue to many American citizens. It is also as serious as (and directly tied to) other environmental issues that we hear about everyday, global climate change, threats to endangered species, and environmentally prejudice placement of polluting and risky industrial activities.

Charles (that was dreadlock boy’s name) was eloquent and succinct in his mission. He was going door to door in my old town Lafayette neighborhood asking people to sign a form supporting the request for a moratorium on fracking and ballot initiative that his group (CforSE) is recommending to the Lafayette City Council.

I, being a student in environmental science and leadership, happily signed my name. But wait, he wanted a letter too?

Photo by Ian Britton

I thought for a moment; knowing that in this small community, it probably would make a difference.

My brief letter, stamped and addressed, is to be taken directly to post this evening. It could perhaps mean a lot, and for me that was enough.

In quotes, my letter to City Council, and yes, it is my opinion; I am not an energy scientist, I am an average concerned citizen. I hope my voice stands for something in the greater scheme and I hope others can be heard too.


August 31, 2012


Lafayette City Council

1290 S. Public Rd

Lafayette, CO 80026


Attention: Oil and Gas Drilling in Lafayette


Dear Members of Lafayette City Council,

I believe that proceeding with plans to drill for oil and natural gas in our community fails to fully consider serious environmental and health implications. Boulder’s east county has wonderful potential for renewable energy projects, wind and solar being the most appropriate for our region. These options would succeed in bringing many jobs and tax revenue to the county, and the clean energy they would produce would be sustainable over the long-term. If fracking continues to occur in the region, we are risking perpetuating a dangerous and shortsighted energy venture, which neglects economic and environmental externalities that will affect the community and the entire western region. Fracking requires a tremendous amount of water, a resource Colorado should be conserving, not using to increase fossil fuel energy extraction, no matter its marketed “clean burning” potential.

As a resident of Boulder County for almost a decade, and as an active and devoted American citizen, I would request the opportunity to vote on such an issue, not leaving it in the hands of profit driven energy companies, but in those of the community members living in close proximity to potential fracking sites. It would be even better if a moratorium were placed on further oil and gas drilling until an independent impact study can be completed.

As the community continues to face the daunting energy crisis and shortage of resources, it’s wise to consider all options and their effect on our children, neighbors, and the bigger population.

Thank you for your time and for your service to the Lafayette community.


For more information about fracking and its environmental and social impacts please visit the Community for Sustainable Energy blog here. Recharge Colorado is an energy efficiency incentive program helping Colorado residents and businesses. Go to their website here.


Kate Hormel is an avid gardener, foodie and environmental/social activist. She is currently traveling the country and educating herself on permaculture, ecological farming practices, food justice, and where to find the best local cheese and wine.



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4 Responses to “Just Your Friendly, Local Anti-Fracking Supporter Calling. ~ Kate Hormel {Update}”

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  3. Jessica says:

    As a yogi and energy scientist, I look at the facts and even take one more step out and look at the bigger picture…. We all drive cars and use plastic, even though we try not to… we still do and other people we know do…. So just banning things is not the problem. We need to decrease our dependence on such things. Instead of relying on the government and oil companies to change. We should focus on each other. The real service. I for one work for an oil company and I consider myself a yogi… I try to make my company (oil companies) do the right thing and make sure decisions that are environmental sound. I will be serving/ trying to make it right from the inside instead of just bitching about it. Make your service valuable!

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