Keep our trash in our trash, our recycling in our recycling.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 30, 2012
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This is why you shouldn’t throw your trash out the f**king window. (photos)”

Trash and recycling is all over most of the alleys of Boulder. It’s simple: keep your trash and recycling inside until pickup day—and keep animals safe from tortuous deaths.

And c’mon, McDonald’s (etc)—redesign this stuff so animals can’t get their heads stuck (Mickey D’s did it in Europe, apparently). ~ ed.

A comment, via Reddit:

I was walking to work early in the morning. At the time I lived on a busy street. I could hear this weird clanging sound but I couldn’t see where it was coming from – until I looked down, and noticed that it was a skunk with a can stuck on his head. It was recycling day, so he must have tried to get some food out of the old can and now he was bashing his he’s against the curb trying to get free, which in turn was making him severely disoriented. I’m admittedly a giant pussy and at the time had a really shitty boss who wouldn’t take skunk-saving as an excuse to be late for work. As I said, it was a busy street and I was a mere pedestrian. The skunk moves to the centre of the road, shaking his head and I fear for the worst. A car speeds towards it. I look away as I hear the brakes slam. I hear the car door open. I look back. A man gets out of the car and walks towards the skunk. He pulls the can off the skunks head and reels back, with his hands up in the air in a submissive way. They look at each other for a stunned moment, and the skunk scampers off. The man hurries back to the car – he’s backed up traffic on the increasingly busy street, and everyone is honking and shouting obscenities. They couldn’t see what he had done. That man, I thought, was a hero.

And click over to Reddit for a .gif of someone taking a cup off a skunk’s head.



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  1. How rude! Sweet story about the skunk! P.S. Didn't see a feature photo… 😉