September 6, 2012

Made Not in the USA.

Big Corporations don’t believe in Americans.

…They believe in profits.

The old head of GE said he wished he could put his factories on barges and move them wherever wages were the lowest, taxes were lowest, and environmental regulations the most lax.

And, now, get this:

“In 2010: GE made $14.2billion in profits, got a check from the IRS for $3.2billion and still laid off 21,000 workers. Please, tell me again how lower corporate taxes create jobs.” 

Via Reddit:

The wealthy (aka Romney) paid 13% of their income in taxes – much lower than middle class Americans! But if you just cut the tax rates on the wealthy a little more – they’ll finally create that job and stop pissing on you. Taxes on the wealthy are the lowest they’ve been in 50 years, given that – you’d think we’d be swimming in jobs right now!

It’s consumers with money that create jobs! No business goes “welp, looks like my taxes are lower – time to hire!” or goes “welp, looks like my taxes are going up – time to fire!”

All hiring and firing is based on demand. The best way to create jobs is give consumers more money (via wage increases or stimulus) so they purchase more goods which create more jobs. Production will be based on demand, not on how much money you’re paying for taxes. Corporations and wealthy are just going to pocket the extra profit, it’s that simple.

This rhetoric that the wealthy create jobs and lower corporate tax rates create jobs is BULLSHIT.

The irony of all this is that the CEO of GE is Obama’s “Job Czar”….I’d say it’s time for Obama to find someone else.

Amen to that.

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