September 20, 2012

Poems to the Divine. ~ Jeff Salvatore Vionito

Words are a cage for the limitless expression of my Love for you.

You are the fire that burns deep inside of me,

the inner peace that I seek within every moment of breath.

My love for you is boundless and overflowing outside of me.

Just as a flower is the overflowing blossom of the seed

Bursting out of love for the soil.

As a newborn baby that breaks away from the womb

Out of love for new life and compassion for its mother.

As a cloud crying tears of rain profusely

Out of love for all things

He wishes not to see wither.

Like a rainbow unfolding into the vast blue sky

Out of love for the sun and the rain.

As water surging forth from a spring

Out of love for all that lives in the lake.

And just like all things that sing their song of love

For that which they hold so dear,

I return to you

By your will alone

I return to your loving womb to be reborn

And this is done

Out of your love for me.

Remember me not for who I appear to be

But instead for who I aspire to be.

Whenever I appear absent from your sight

Know that I am;

Where the cool breeze kisses the mountain tops

Gazing upon the endless sea of clouds.

I am where the morning sun warmly embraces the petals of a flower in full bloom.

Whenever I appear so far away from reach

Know that I am

Dancing inside the teardrops of laughter

Falling from a child’s eyes.

I am the breath passing through the lungs

That’s transformed into one voice of the multitudes singing out to all that is Love.

The wag in every tail and the leap, skip, jump of every living creature in this vast universe.

Whenever I appear to be gone forever

Know that I am,

The ocean of darkness embraced by silence where the seedlings of peace first sprout.

The divine mother’s warm embrace;

the lunar white tusk that hangs in the evening sky.

I am the deep oceans hypnotic ebbing tide reflecting the setting sun’s glow.

Where the mind stretches beyond the cage of time and existence

In that first, living present moment,

you see the Grand Canyon at sunrise.

In that very moment

Know that I am

There with you



Always evolving on a never ending spiritual journey, a student to the Guru within, Salvatore spends his time writing poetry inspired by the universal teachings of the Divine.  He constantly seeks out the microcosmic truths that exist within every living moment in order to always see the creator within the creation.  Writing is one of the ways that helps him accomplish this goal.  When Salvatore isn’t writing he loves to go on hikes, meditate, practices Bhakti Yoga, spends time with his wife, 3 daughters and cat, and always tries to find ways of reducing his family’s carbon footprint. He is also the co-owner of Avani Priya Malas and Jewelry www.avanipriyamalas.com a custom Mala shop that he and his wife Jenni created.  Salvatore has future ambitions to create a Poetry blog and also to start working on his first book of Poetry to be titled “108 Poems to the Divine”.





Editor: Edith Lazenby

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Read 4 comments and reply

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