September 16, 2012

Ten Ways to Transform the Words “I Care.” ~ Diane Clement

Photo credit: Diane Clement

It’s true—care is a noun and a verb.

We might care about our friends, our families, people who are less fortunate and world peace and hunger and animal rights and AIDS. But when all is said and done, what good is caring (the noun) when you don’t care (the verb)?

Action is a powerful six-letter word. Perhaps even more powerful than mighty, potent or strong.

Action separates intention from execution, thought from realization. And ultimately, it’s up to us. Do we want to sit with concern and care in a silent embrace, or do we want to rise up and be more? Glasses high for being more and here are ten ways to be just that.

1. Make the phone call you have been avoiding. Drop the excuses. All of them.

2. Make the time to respond to people’s messages. Don’t forget the word responsible means, “able to respond.”

3. Smile. Everyone likes to feel important (despite what your 13 year old says). In fact, love and significance are two emotional needs. Acknowledge the world we share including the people in it.

4. Listen. Not to your head, but to what others are saying. Listen for meaning and respond rather than react.

5. Surprise someone. Send a post card, an old photo, a memory or a poem from the past or bake a pie. A good friend once shared that the best prize is a surprise; wise her.

6. Patch up relationships. People are people (insert Depeche Mode lyrics here).

7. Change someone’s fortune for a day. There are many ways to contribute to the people who are less fortunate without empowering helplessness. Donate clothing and give it hand-to-hand, invite someone for a hot meal, volunteer.

8. Nurture your relationship. Relationships have a pulse; meaning they have a life of their own. Without sensitivity, communication, honesty, compassion and attention, they can wither…away.

9. Share your appreciation with others. Gratitude is the new black. Wear it.

10. Compromise. Nothing says, “I care” like bucking up and doing something that isn’t your cup of tea, but is someone else’s.

We have heard it time and time again; actions speak louder than words. When you stop to think of it, words are just sounds. They can easily become nothing more than phonetic drift if not backed up. As Gordon B. Hinckley puts it, “You can’t plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.”

Namaste folks.

Diane Clement is a Canadian-born international educator, Ironman triathlete and aspiring Baptiste-certified yoga instructor. She has lived abroad for the past 12 years in Japan, Thailand, Colombia and Brazil and currently resides in Mexico. She’s wondering how far she can take this dream called life and she’s not afraid to try. You can connect with Diane on Twitter, Facebook or her blog.

Editor: Jamie Morgan

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