September 15, 2012

The Kids Are Not Alright. ~ Tracy Johnson

Protecting our children has been forefront in my mind lately.

Recently, in my small town, the big news of the day was the court hearing of a man who killed his three young daughters. While reading the newspaper this morning I was drawn into the article about a five year old boy who was hit by a stray bullet while watching television in his home. In helping a friend raise money for the Off the Mat Into the World Global Seva Challenge I have become more informed and horribly aware of the realities of sex trafficking.

Like so many people, my first response is to turn away from these things in disgust. I put the paper down and turn off the news. I look at my beautiful little boy and think of how lucky I am—we are. Then I look for a distraction, something to pick me up and make me feel more hopeful.

There are some great inspirational quotes, videos and images online to lift your spirits, inspire you and distract you.

“All children should be loved, protected, nurtured—emotionally and intellectually—respected, and never, under any circumstances, underestimated.” ~ Augusten Burroughs

photo: Brenda Olson

Or my personal favorite:

Most often, this is where the process ends for most of us. We turn away and distract ourselves. We find something that makes us feel better and we move on. Our families are fine. Our children are fine, at least the ones living under our roof.

The reality is that finding hope and feeling hopeful are not enough.

Our children are not fine. They’re not alright.


We need to do something about it.

If you know of a worthwhile organization working to feed, clothe, heal or protect our children share it with others.

Educate yourself. Educate others. Donate. Work. Get your family involved. Get your friends involved. Do something.


Tracy Johnson has been exploring movement in its many forms since she began dancing at age 15. Her career as a dancer and choreographer led her to the study of Martial Arts, Massage Therapy and finally Yoga. As a Yoga Instructor she combines an understanding of anatomy and kinesiology with creative Vinyasa sequences rooted in the Ashtanga style and influenced by her many wonderful teachers. Tracy teaches yoga to kids and grown-ups in Western WI. She is the creator of Little Lotus Kids Yoga Cards and teacher training program www.littlelotuskidsyoga.com. She blogs about yoga, life and love at www.yogainthevalley.blogspot.com.


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