Have you Pledged to Vote, Yet? Do it Here.

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on Oct 15, 2012
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Get off your Asana & Pledge to Vote Already.

elephantjournal.com is proud to be a media partner and Waylon Lewis is happy to be an ambassador with YogaVotes:



We are just weeks away from an election that will reshape our nation. Join us in a movement that can make a difference!

YogaVotes is a nonpartisan campaign engaging the US yoga community – all 20 million of us – in the 2012 election and beyond. Pledge to Vote this election and let people know what you will be doing on November 6 (or before)!

PLEDGE TO VOTE IN 2012: Together, let’s harness the power of 20 million mindful voters.

GET INFORMED: Our Voters Guide will help prepare you to vote from your heart.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Through the values of yoga, we can engage in compassionate, inclusive and conscious conversation. Join the conversation with thousands of YogaVoters:

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We each have a choice to make this campaign season. It starts with: Will I vote? One by one yogis are saying “yes!”



Read our blogs.Become a leader or studio partner.Learn more about how to register to vote and local issues.

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2 Responses to “Have you Pledged to Vote, Yet? Do it Here.”

  1. Jenifer says:

    Why am I bothered by this?


    Begin Rant:

    First, I'm put off by the language. I have voted in every election that I've been able to vote on since I became eligible to vote. I have mindfully considered the candidates, their platforms, the impact of their platforms on multiple aspects of politics, culture, and daily life of both citizens and non-citizens.

    I currently live overseas. I spent the better part of this morning making sure that both my husband and I could vote in this election (and all elections relevant to the state in which we last resided for the next year), as well as reminding our ex-pat friends to make sure that they do the paperwork, too. So far, I've helped 10 friends get their voting together for an overseas, absentee ballot.

    To whom do I really need to "pledge" to vote in order to encourage me to something that I already do? Why is there an assumption that I'm simply "on my asana" and not a concerned citizen of both a given nation and the world?

    Why is there an assumption that I'm not already voting from my heart? Why is there an assumption that there are enough yoga people NOT voting (and/or not pledging to) that we need a particularly focused campaign to pledge to as well as receive information from?

    Why is it that there is this overriding assumption in so much of yoga that we are truly just a bunch of moronic fuck-ups who need continual reminders about how to be normal people?

    Honestly? I see my students as really good, decent people. They dont need me to lecture them in how to be nice to people, how to vote from their hearts/minds, or which side of the road to drive on (here, btw, it's the right). Why not just trust that most people in the world are good and decent and able to take care of themselves without our guilt-tripping them.

    Reactive, I know, but seriously? We're spending our "off the mat!" energy on encouraging people who are already thoughtfully voting to vote? Really?

    Cuz I'd rather end poverty or something with that time.

    End Rant.

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