How to Let Life Guide You.

Via Greer Van Dyck
on Oct 8, 2012
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Are there drawbacks to always being proactive?

Last night, a new friend and I were discussing situations that we had found ourselves in and desperately needed each other’s opinions.Through our talk, I realized a handful of things about myself that I maybe had known, but didn’t necessarily acknowledge.

I want to kind of dive into one that really struck me.

I realized, with the help of my friend, that I am enthusiastic about taking life on proactively. I have always been a “results” kinda gal. Not really “trusting in the system” until I saw the change that I was hoping to see. Not really being committed until I was able to physically see movement in the desired direction.

I don’t really know how I feel about this particular aspect of my personality. In a sense, yes, there is an element of me that loves it. If there is something I want or feel would better my life, I am proactive and make it happen. But how about with the matters that deserve time to develop? Romance, for example, takes time to develop.

For me, I have learned quite a valuable lesson. Opportunities have landed in my path this summer where my need for action has been put to the test. And I have acted. I have gone with my instinct here and acted as though I have always acted. I have taken matters into my own hands and finally was able to see that this method isn’t always the best. I have been shown the result of what happens when I move too quickly. I have been shown the door of sorts as a product of my impatience.

Now is the time when I am eager to turn the table.

At this moment, I long to develop my patience. I want to let life guide me and show me its course. I want to be aware of what is placed in front of me. I don’t want to be so self involved though that I miss what life brings me. So here I draw the line and attempt to create the best balance for myself. I want to come to a point where I can be content with my present, understand that what is meant to be will happen, and to be open to taking life’s hand and following it.

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