October 6, 2012

Some Kiss We Want with Our Whole Lives. ~ Karen Chrappa

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Something about Rumi scorches my deepest heart of longing.

Somehow, someway the kiss of ecstatic union with a beloved will set my world straight. Despite all my yearnings for a divine beloved the benevolent (I have to trust this is the case) order of the Universe conspires on my behalf to keep me single. After a lifetime of youthful promiscuity, midlife divorce and delayed onset heartbreak, the mirror of the beloved is warping at light speed to face a new lover.

The one within.

I have heard about this for a long time, the inner beloved and thought what a lovely idea! But in the discovery of this beloved my heart is deconstructing to break through old patterns in order to reach new ground. As a beloved takes up residence in my inner terrain more of my ego dismantles as I bow to the magnitude of a capacity to love in a heart tenderly broke open.

Oh yes I would love a relationship and all the juiciness that comes with it but there is also a decadent freedom in having no other intimate needs to tend to than my own. In this respite Spirit opens a doorway to a new level of intimacy on roads never before taken. The road map for me lies in my mesa, my lifeline to Spirit.

To some it may look like a cloth full of stones. And yes it is that. But it is also a doorway that energetically connects my stones or kuyas to places of power on Pachamama (mother earth) and weaves the threads of my luminous body to a lineage of shamans from the high Andes from which they were received.

My mesa is a holy reflection of me.

It is easy to lose sight of our sacred journey during our short time here on Earth. Especially when our time is consumed with the mundane tasks of being human in a modern society. Where is the time to listen to our Soul? Or find an inner beloved even if we wanted one? A communion with Spirit is an essential step as we wake up to our radiant divinity.

As I sit with the discovery of an inner beloved my mesa speaks through an alignment of stones. An energetic pattern reveals itself depending on where the stones land. Each stone carries its own unique medicine and knowing this a message from my intention is revealed. Here is that message on the inner beloved.

There is a marriage that takes place within. A marriage between the sacred masculine and feminine. We are often unaware of the internal conflict between these aspects of ourself.

There is a clear distinction of the masculine and feminine principles that guide us. One aspect of these qualities is represented in the male heart as the archetype of the king, the non-corrupt warrior power in integrity.

One way this is expressed in the feminine heart is the womb, the vessel for the seeds of creation, the archetype of  the mother, Gaia, Earth Mother, the depths of unconditional offering for all things.

When an aspect of our masculine or feminine is diminished or lacking in some way we will look to fill this up through the relationships we seek and create thereby setting the basis for dysfunction and co-dependency. This is when we rely on someone outside of ourself to fill the void within us.

Yet, the truth is, we are in and of ourself complete.

This does not mean we can only enter into relationship once a whole state is achieved. When awareness of the strengths, the weaknesses and the tendencies of how our masculine and feminine are operating within us are known to us, we are able to bring our relationships to higher levels of consciousness. We need to know ourself first. These patterns are habitual and conditioned leaving us little room for evolution but rather keep us stuck in patterns of relating that bring harm to ourself or another.

The collective feminine is now burgeoning, coming forth in greater fullness and power. This is not to be perceived in any way as a threat to the masculine. This is not ever what the feminine seeks. She does not seek dominion over but rather longs for union rooted in honor and respect. She longs to give and offer her love and her light freely and asks that the power of her gifts be valued.

What is this foundation of internal sacred union built on?

The full spectrum of expression of both the feminine and the masculine without judgment, without criticism, without belittling, embarrassing, humiliating or shaming. How many of these patterns operate in our current relationships? A trust that both are honored, respected and valued for what is inherently divine within each. A recognition that each is essential to the other so no barrier exists between the flow of these energies within and between.

We move from co-dependency to interdependency. A weaving rather than a wall.

Each seeks freedom now from the repressive chains that have bound both the masculine and the feminine and shaped them into limited and conditioned expressions that have not served either by meeting in their diminished capacities. It is the healing of the sacred union within each individual, the sacred marriage that begins to take place within the heart, the mind and the soul of each person—regardless of gender—that will begin to create a new paradigm on Earth.

There is a flow and a listening required within our own heart. A bowing and reverence to our inherent sacred gifts expressed through the masculine and feminine of who we are. A presence and an attention of the masculine naturally fosters an appreciation from the feminine.

From the heart of the feminine emerges beauty, not in the way it has been packaged and served to us. Beauty as seeing a sacredness in all things. A sacredness of life. Creation of sacred rituals. Beauty  as an empty vessel that allows the divine to flow through. A beauty in the heart that sees all as beauty.

The feminine also emerges as the erotic, sensual, undomesticated Goddess. The wild and untamed power of intuitive wisdom, the visionary bestowed with psychic gifts. These are the heights and depths through which the feminine expresses herself.

The masculine offers direction, a purpose and focus that creates a sense of moving towards. There is a passing of knowledge and transmission of wisdom from one generation to the next, from one person to another that the masculine expresses through words, intellect and by creating community of the highest order of the heart, the divine kingdom.

The masculine speaks in stillness. He moves in silence. Not in the direction of moving forward but in the direction of depth.

The feminine moves in cycles, through flow, through dance, through non-linear patterns. In sacred union the value of both stillness and dance are revered.

Our greatest power resides in deep humility, no longer falling prey to the seduction of our ego. Black obsidian sits at the very bottom of this alignment pointing to our infinite depths that transcend all duality, even our masculine and feminine. The way of the sacred path that opens the portal to the vast void of the unknown, where all energy is consolidated, the black hole of the deepest mysteries.

This is what the kuyas speak.

Photo: Karen Chrappa

(This image may be used as a meditation tool.
Click on the image.
Sit in front of the image with eyes open or closed for at least five minutes.
This allows the vibrations of this pattern of the kuyas to reinform you,
encoding you energetically.)


Karen Chrappa is a comtemporary medicine woman and author of A Structure for Spirit. She works in both the visible realms of form and the invisible realms of Spirit helping clients embody their sacred essence. She has studied extensively with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School and with master shamans of the Andes. She continues to travel to Peru with her ayllu, A Bouquet of Light, to awaken the Sacred Feminine. She can be found on her blog, A Structure for Spirit or at her Facebook Page. 


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