Stress Will Kill You!

Via Kelli Harrington
on Oct 20, 2012
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Stress will kill you. Plain and simple. So before we get into the who, what, when, where and why of it all, let’s go right to the facts from those that know the most and do the research—

The American Institute of Stress

The American Psychological Association

There you have it- the facts about what stress is, the different levels and types of stress, what stress does, what stress does not do, workplace stress, personal stress, stress’ impact on the body, mind and spirit, stress and gender, etc., etc., etc. Seems esoteric, eh?

How many times have you heard this information or at least similar bits?

100 times? 1,000 times? 1,000,000,000 times?

Are you listening? Are you really listening?

The Stress Scenario: A Real Life Activity–

Let us pretend that you have been given all of the knowledge you need about the effects of stress and how it will indeed kill you over time. You have been told by an expert that it is a dis-ease in your body (not someone else’s), breaking down the normal functioning of your whole being. It is what is causing you to have migraine headaches, grind your teeth, intestinal discomfort, heart palpitations, hair loss, weight loss/gain, disturbed sleep, sexual disfunction, fever, chills, consecutive immune shut-downs, emotional outbursts of anger and/or severe sadness, detachment from friends, family, lovers, joint and muscle pain, and several hundred other symptoms that could take up this entire blog to mention. This is happening to you right here, right now; today!

You begin to reflect….

The Reflection Pool–

[Insert soft music and flowing water]

You have decided to seek out some help and go to a stress management expert. During the session you engage in taking a stress test. This test examines your stress tolerance point, your stress triggers, your stress vulnerabilities, and your stress response tendencies. You discover that all of these areas are at a “mission critical” level and that something has to be done and FAST. You now have your own personal data. Not data from the AIS or APA- YOUR data. Its real, its present and it says that if you don’t do something NOW, you will die within six weeks.

The Questioning Period– 

What do you do?

Did you know how stressed you had been?

Why did you continue to over-function?

When did your body, mind and spirit tell you it was in pain? Six months ago? A year ago? 10 years ago?

Why didn’t you listen?

Was it worth it?

Do you want to die?


After this arduous experience you have made a conscious decision to treat stress like any other dis-ease in your body addressing it like you would a cold, flu, physical injury or psychological challenge (because it’s not any different then any of those other conditions).

You decided you don’t want to die.

You now understand that you have not been taking care of yourself for way too long and that in order to live a long and happy life, you have to go to a new toolbox of healthy alternatives to help handle stress in your daily life and you may need some help in doing that.

You have come to the conclusion that drugs, alcohol, excessive partying and working too hard and long is not the solution but rather a large part of the problem.

Your new toolbox now includes relaxation techniques, fitness regimens, nutritional advice, life and environmental coaching and alternative healing options. How does that make you feel now? A little lighter? A lot better? Alive?

Well, what do ya know?!





About Kelli Harrington

Dr. Kelli Harrington is a teacher trainer, a yoga teacher and co-founder of ZenSpot, Inc.--Hot Yoga, Human Empowerment and Feng Shui design company dedicated to creating positive life balance for mind, body, and spirit. Harrington is also the co-founder of the ZenSpot Institute, a yoga teacher training facility and online education school dedicated to certifying high quality yoga teachers and wellness change-agents. As a certified fitness trainer, Ayurvedic lifestyle and weight management specialist, stress management and life coach, Reiki Master and wellness leader, Kelli spends her days running her business in service to others. As a vegan, EdTech geek, social media junkie, entrepreneur, activist, and environmentalist Harrington earned a doctorate in Educational Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of San Francisco; two Masters degrees at Teachers College, Columbia University and Pace University respectively. ZenSpot, Inc., is based in Oregon with facilities in both Portland and Eugene.


5 Responses to “Stress Will Kill You!”

  1. Katherine says:

    This is a wonderful topic to explore. However, I almost didn't click on this article because the title was so aggressive. Stress doesn't alleviate with more pressure — it alleviates with space. Maybe next time less judgement and less pushiness.

  2. […] it over and over in my mind, feeling bruised and hurt about the way she had said it, I carried my anger and pain throughout the day and night. I woke up feeling hurt and angry, I heard myself thinking of ways to get even. Nothing dramatic but […]

  3. Kelli says:

    No judgement here at all- just some reality to help people get to the exploration stage. Thanks for the thoughts Katherine.

  4. RJD says:

    Get to know your own belief system – it is your stress!